Wednesday, August 31, 2005


This is a very fine point, lately; one must be careful in this matter of sex-equality: there are no more man-holes--only person-holes!
One top-salesman put it this way, whose success in selling was phenomenal:
"It isn't so much WHAT you say--it's how you say it!" This one could sell you the Brooklyn Bridge. So one day I went with him to listen to his sales-presentation. I was surprised, a very ordinary talk, nothing extraordinary. I thought the sales-pitch was very incomplete--yet he made the sale at once. I could hardly believe it. He reminded me again: "It isn't what you say--it's how you say it."
He also insisted: "You have to read over and over again your prospectus, at least once a month--or you'll forget."
'The rapidity with which we forget is astonishing!'
One day a very successful salesman was being honored at a grand dinner. He was to give the key-note speech. By the time he came to speak he had been given many drinks toasting his success. When he finally was introduced by the master of ceremonies, he staggered to his feet, looking blurry-eyed at this large audience, as they awaited expectantly to hear words of wisdom. Finally after a long embarrassing pause, he said all tongue-tied: "I s-h-e-e people."
"That's it: SEE PEOPLE--the words of wisdom."
The master of ceremonies spoke quickly, as he placed the honored speaker on his chair safely, and continued:
"The reason our champion salesman succeeds is because he sees many people on his route and we the mediocre ones just don't see enough people. That's the difference between success and failure!"

* * *

Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Here is another difficult topic. It is the greatest Mystery, as any theologian will tell you:
How can you explain THE HOLY TRINITY--THREE PERSONS IN ONE GOD? Surely only in eternity will we begin to understand this Mystery. However Saints have tried to give us an explanation. For instance St. Patrick would show his Irish converts a three-leaf clover--three leaves and one clover. Three in one! Electricity is a good analogy. It gives light--heat--and power! Three substances one electricity.
(Just to keep the record straight: Science knows what electricity can do--but no scientist can tell you exactly WHAT ELECTRICITY REALLY IS.)
Here is a different, new explanation by A. Jackson, of happy memory, a Catholic Evidence Guild member of New Orleans, La. (one of my peers of long ago; we were together 14 years in this study and speaking Apostolate. Archbishop Rummel gave us a license to speak in public about the Catholic Church and its teachings.)
Here is Jackson's way of telling it:
Supposing you travel away from your home, several days journey. No one knows you, you know no one. Indeed you are lonely. You check into a hotel, the bell-boy (rather bell-person) takes you up to your room, puts the key on the dresser, you give the person a tip. Once again you are all alone. As you pick up the key, you look up and there is a mirror. For the first time in many days you see a familiar face--your own--. This image is begotten of you--.
You feel good, yes, there is a love between you and your image, true this love has existence.
Now here is the analogy:
Follow closely:
So to speak - - - you are God the Father.
Begotten of the Father your image is God the Son.
The love that is between you and your image has existence, that LOVE is God the Holy Spirit.
This unusual comparison has quite a bit of merit, since the explanation is not with inanimate matter, but it is a personal, human exposition.
Good thinking Jackson--God rest your soul.
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Monday, August 29, 2005

Feast of the Beheading of
St. John the Baptist

Today I went to Mass as the Church celebrated the Feast of St. John the Baptist' entry into Eternity, a spiritual birthday which we all await. Yes, when we die and enter into Heaven, that's our New Birthday, where we will be clothed in a new body and our soul will glory in God for all Eternity.
Now on earth we can offer up all our sufferings and trials as John did. He said about Jesus, "He must increase, I must decrease." And he pointed the way to Jesus for his followers, who then became the Lord's disciples.
The priest at Mass said: "John didn't stop preaching about Jesus after he had his head chopped off. Immediately he descended into hell (as we say in the Apostles Creed) to proclaim Jesus' sacred Passion, Death and Resurrection to all those souls waiting below."
Who are these souls? Well, all the good people who lived before Christ including Adam & Eve, Abraham, Sarah, Moses, Aaron, Miriam, etc., etc. The gates of Heaven were closed until Christ died on the Cross for our sins! Then He descended into hell to release the prisoners there and bring them into the Kingdom of His Heavenly Father.
I love and admire St. John the Baptist. Once someone called me by that name, but I'm so far from being like him, especially my sinfulness. John was sanctified at the Visitation by Jesus Present in Mary's womb. He leaped for joy at that moment. He lived in the desert eating locusts & honey, wearing the most course of clothes. He was a wild looking man, unkept and smelly, who had no friends but God and when his time came to call the people to repentance, he fearlessly went about shouting for repentance. He was happy to do God's Will.
I too want to do God's Will in my life. I pray for that grace every day! I too want to call people to repentance. That's why I love to preach a homily, or give a meditation and especially publish a Blog! And I live in the desert of my little room, smelly & unkept, ;-)) I even had a wild beard till about 6 weeks ago, like St. John, too!
I look forward to meeting John someday in Heaven! We do have something in common!!!
Deacon John G.


Mary, Jesus & St. John the Baptist

This very unhappy 'atheist' said one day: "What did your God make us for anyway? Just to have us suffer--what for? Watching people complain about their pains and aches . . .?"
Somebody quoted him the answer from the Catechism: "God made us to love Him, to serve Him, to obey Him--and to be with Him in Heaven for all Eternity."
This answer however didn't do anything for this atheist.
I wondered just how could one answer this 'sparkplug's' difficult question, to keep him happy . . .
Here is what I finally came up with--in my quiet private meditations. It actually came to me in the middle of Mass when the "Our Father" was publicly recited:

Jesus taught us to pray:
"Lead us not into Temptation!"
Now, God the Father must evidently 'lead us into temptation,' at one time or another, otherwise Jesus would not have included this invocation in this all important prayer. That is good thinking.
(As a matter of fact, for years now, I have been waiting patiently for a good sermon on these very words of Jesus our Lord: "Lead us not into Temptation." I am still waiting.)
So here goes my own thoughts on the Subject:
Almighty God lead Adam and Eve "into Temptation," when He allowed them to be tested, to see if they were worthy to live in Paradise, in all happiness, being in the company of Almighty God, forever.
God gave them just one commandment--not Ten--simply to OBEY. They failed the test.
God is LOVE and also He is JUST. Now came the 'justice' of God--the punishment, the sufferings . . .
The same is true, when God led the Angels into 'Temptation.' They were tested, so to speak; are they worthy to continue their happiness and joy and power and glory for all Eternity?
It has been revealed--in private revelation--that one third of the Angels did not 'pass the test'--failed and were, according to God's Justice put into hell. The unforgivable sin was: "We shall not serve!"
Just what the exact "Test" was, we know not. But it is believed, opined, they were to adore the Second Person of the Holy Trinity as Man in the Blessed Sacrament, under the appearance of bread and wine. However one third of the Angels would not. They refused!
Lucifer--Satan--then the chief of the fallen Angels was the instrument (in the form of a snake) to "test" Adam and Eve. We know what happened. We all know the outcome.
Suffering, pain, and hardships followed the great fall.
So, Mr. Atheist, the reason you have to listen and watch and see all this suffering and pain and agony going on in the world is because: first the Angels, then Man, likewise did not obey Almighty God, who gave us all these wonderful things--on a silver platter, freely--which we really did not earn. Free gifts from our Creator!
Instead of appreciating all these wonderful gifts, we all, in effect slapped God's face in return. The offense is like a worm spitting into the face of the Creator!
In God's Justice: "God Demands Reparation" - - -
Then the Second Person of the Holy Trinity--Jesus as God Man--came to earth through Our Blessed Mother, to pay the debt owed God the Father--suffering on the Cross, laying down His life for us in payment to give us all a 'new lease on life,' to obtain complete future happiness for all eternity--if we but pass our individual 'Tests.'
So, we continue to pray:
Please God the Father:

* * *

Sunday, August 28, 2005


Why is there so much suffering in the World? Just why do we have to suffer? According to theologians and psychologists, this is one of the most difficult subjects to explain.
St. Francis de Sales had a perfect answer. He is considered to be, next to Christ, the one who was able to speak of the things of God so eloquently so simply.
In his remarkable book, "Introduction to a Devout Life" St. Francis states:
"If the Angels could complain--which of course they cannot because of their singular state of happiness--they would complain that they are unable to suffer, as we the people of God can suffer. Since we, the people of God, can obtain graces and merits, because of our ability to suffer (and to offer them up)--which the Angels are unable to do and to merit!"
Seems very strange. St. Francis reminds us:
Didn't Jesus suffer so very much! Even Our Blessed Mother had to suffer! Wouldn't it have been expedient to simply tell His Mother on that first Holy Thursday to stay at home--not to come to Jerusalem--and thus avoid seeing the terrible sufferings of her Son which caused her so much anguish and pain and suffering.
Consider the holy victim souls, like St. Padre Pio, St. Francis of Assisi, Theresa Neumann, the Stigmatists, who had purposely received, accepted, acknowledged all these sufferings in order to obtain extra graces and merits for sinners--to save souls--!
St. Francis de Sales continues:
"Even in doing good, rarely do we fail to mix some evil with it. It is only when we suffer--for Jesus' sake (offer it all up)--that we are purified and made perfect."
"You are to be perfect, even as my Heavenly Father is perfect," so spoke Jesus in the Scriptures (Matt. 5:48).
Because of the fall of Adam and Eve we have inherited this 'difficulty.' The bottom line in this matter is really this: If Adam and Eve would not have sinned and thus lost their complete happiness and Paradise--we would never have to suffer--. Their understanding & knowledge & wisdom was so great, in Paradise, that their disobedience was likewise so enormous. Like a son slapping his father's face. There were no 10 Commandments for Adam & Eve, only one--but a big one: OBEDIENCE!

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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Feast of Saint Monica

Today's Feast is reminder for us parents who have older children who have stopped practicing the Faith they were baptized in (Holy Roman Catholic) and it gives us Hope that through Our Lady, they will return! St. Monica prayed for 17 years with tears of sorrow that her son Augustine, would be converted. God, through Our Lady, answered her tears and prayers and Augustine became a great Saint and Doctor of the Church. I've read some of his works, and they are powerful witness to his extraordinary Faith.

In Augustinian tradition the particular devotion to Mary under the title of Mother of Consolation appears to have sprung from two different sources. Both originating from a mother's distress over a son in danger. The earliest story has been treasured by the Order of Saint Augustine.

It tells of Saint Monica in the fourth century, distraught with grief and anxiety for her wayward son, Augustine, confiding her distress to the Mother of God, who appeared to her dressed in mourning clothes but wearing a shining cincture. As a pledge of her support and compassion, Our Lady removed the cincture and, giving it to Monica, directed her to wear it and to encourage others to do the same. Monica gave it to her son, who in turn gave it to his community, and so the Augustinian devotion to the wearing of a cincture as a token of fidelity to our Mother of Consolation came into being.

In the sixteenth century the flourishing devotion gave rise to the Confraternity of the Cincture and to the popular picture of Mary with the Child Jesus, who holds the end of the cincture in his right hand.
The tradition of praying to the Mother of God for the gift of consolation dates back to the early centuries, an expression of the Church's belief that the cloud of witnesses, the elect in glory, never cease to pray for the Church on earth. The first written evidence of prayer to the Mother of God, theotokos, is written in Greek on a scrap of Egyptian papyrus dating from between 300-540. And she is invoked as the compassionate one:

Beneath the shelter of your tender compassion
we fly for refuge, Mother of God.
Do not overlook our supplications in adversity
but deliver us out of danger.

This prayer, perhaps written by a believer in danger of death because of allegiance to Christ, makes clear a vivid faith in Mary's consoling role. It has been hallowed by centuries of use, private and liturgical, in both the Eastern and Western Churches.


There are so many things in life we question--we cannot understand. Why does God do this, why doesn't He do that, how can He allow these things to happen. Particularly in our daily lives, we just can't understand this or that.
In the Good Book--in the Scriptures it clearly states--:
"We know in part--we prophesy in part." (I Cor. 13:9) St. Francis de Sales explains further:

  • "If we would KNOW ALL
  • we would UNDERSTAND ALL
  • and FORGIVE ALL!

How true--we think we know it all--but we just don't!

To meditate on the above can make a great difference in our understanding and tolerance.

It's amazing in how many situations the above quotation fits like a glove.

There is an old Indian saying--a Prayer--of much wisdom:

"Grant that I may not criticize my

neighbor until I have walked a mile

in his moccasins."

Indeed if we would and could walk a mile in someone else's shoes then we'd know and be amazed and understand and FORGIVE!

Often we judge someone falsely, or at a given set of circumstances, (circumstantial evidence) we judge so quickly. We think we know the whole story, but we just don't.

Father Timothy Murphy of Cape Coral, Fla. would say:

"There we go again--judging--you shouldn't judge anyway!" Good thinking Father Murphy.

Books on St. Francis de Sales, particularly "Introduction to a Devout Life" you can obtain in most book stores--or again go to

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Friday, August 26, 2005

The Miraculous Image
of Our Lady of Czestochowa

Today is the Feast of Our Lady of Czestochowa of Poland.

Saint Luke the Evangelist, according to tradition, is believed to be the original artist of this painting in which Mary is depicted holding the Christ Child. This sacred picture, enshrined and venerated at the renowned Marian Shrine in Poland, was first brought from Jerusalem through Constantinople and was bestowed to the Princes of Ruthenia. It was later brought to Poland in 1382 through the efforts of Ladislaus of Opole who had discovered it in a castle at Belz. To ensure its protection, he invited the Monks of Saint Paul the First Hermit from Hungary to be its guardians.
From this time onward, the historic records of the painting are documented and authenticated by the miracles associated with the painting. In 1430 a devastating attack on the Polish Shrine resulted in tragic losses and the damaging of the holy picture. To this very day, despite the attempts to repair the damage, the slashes on the face of the Virgin Mary are still visible.
The foundation of the Monastery and Shrine in Czestochowa began with a small wooden church. Subsequent development led to the construction of the present day basilica and defense wall which surrounds the sacred buildings (1632-48). Under the heroic leadership of the Prior of the Monastery, Father Augustine Kordecki, the Shrine withstood the attacks of the Swedish Invasion of 1655. This great victory proved to be a tremendous boost to the morale of the entire Polish nation.
As a result, King Jan Casimir, in 1656, made a solemn vow proclaiming the Mother of God to be the "Queen of the Polish Crown" and the Shrine of Jasna Gora to be the "Mount of Victory" and a spiritual capital for Poland.
During the years of Poland's partition (1772-1918) the Shrine of Jasna Gora became a vibrant link for the Polish people with their homeland. The holy painting enshrined at Czestochowa beamed as a lighthouse of hope during the painful years of national hardships and defeats.
Following the restoration of national independence in 1918, pilgrimages to the Polish Shrine grew in number and size. As World War II ended, a nation devastated by the scourges of war drew new strength and courage from the Shrine and its purpose to rebuild and recover from the war. Today the Shrine of Czestochowa in Poland attracts millions of worshipers and tourists who come to honor the miraculous image of Our Lady of Czestochowa.
In 1966, in celebration of the 1000th Anniversary of Poland's Christianity, a National Shrine to Our Lady of Czestochowa was dedicated in Doylestown, PA., and is under the direction of the Pauline Fathers and Brothers who also administer the Shrine in Poland.

The Cleansing of the Temple
Painting by Giordano (1632-1705)


Silence can be beautiful--but there comes a time--when injustice is done, a wrong is perpetrated, one must speak up.

If we are silent, then:

  • Silence condones--the wrong!
  • Silence encourages--the wrong!
  • Silence approves--the wrong!
  • Silence speaks very loudly!
  • Silence at times does cover up evil!

Didn't Christ Himself speak out, even in anger, in the Temple. Yes, there is such a thing as a 'just anger'--at the proper time and place.

* * *

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Each month on the 25th, Mary, Our Mother gives a Message for the world through one of the Seers. Here is today's Message:

Message of August 25, 2005 from Medjugorje:

"Dear children! Also today I call you to live my messages. God gave you a gift of this time as a time of grace. Therefore, little children, make good use of every moment and pray, pray, pray. I bless you all and intercede before the Most High for each of you. Thank you for having responded to my call."


Once upon a time, there was this gracious lady of sorrow, dressed all in black--she was in mourning--. With tears on cheek she pleaded to her pastor:
"Father, I want you to funeralize my DOG."
After getting over his shook-upness, he spoke in his neat south-american spanish accent brogue:
"Woman, you wish for me to have a funeral for a dog? Please, go away from me woman, for I do not provoke! How can I have a funeral for a dog--the people will say, 'The Catholic Church has gone to the dogs.' "
"But Father," she insisted, "This was a good hound-dog, he even went to church with me, though he stayed outside and waited for me patiently." The priest just shook his head.
"Well then, Father," she dried her tears, making room for more to come, "Can I take him to the protestant Minister and have him funeralized there?"
"Sure, si, si, go right ahead, that is good," answered the padre much relieved.
"One more thing, Father, Is it o.k. to give him some money?" she wanted to know.
"Why sure, he has to eat too."
"Is it alright to give him $500.--?"
"Madre Mia--woman, go away from me woman--for I do not provoke! Why you not tell me thees ees a Catholic dog!"

(Reprinted by Deacon John G. with permission)

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Beloved Pope John XXIII, while he was still an Archbishop, visited Paris. He was invited to an important banquet, right across from his Excellency there sat a very fastidiously dressed Mademoiselle -- only trouble was, she was mostly out than in -- certain parts of her garment were missing. So naturally, the future "his Holiness" took a double-take as he saw this vision of immodesty sitting across from him.
Said one Rev. Msgr., "Isn't it a shame at every special dinner you go to, there is always just one dressed, rather un-dressed! What will his Excellency say about this vision!"
Sure enough, at the end of the dinner it happened:
Apples and oranges were passed as a last course of the banquet. His Excellency with all dignity said to Mademoiselle:
"My daughter you must eat an apple," placing a juicy red apple in front of her plate.
Realizing that something is going wrong here, she replied, "No thank you, I have sufficient -- I don't want an apple --."
"But, my daughter you must eat an apple, it has been written . . ."
"Your Excellency, why do you insist I should eat this fruit?"
"You see my dear, it was not until Eve ate an apple, she finally realized she was immodestly dressed."
So answered the beloved future Pope John XXIII.

There are some wonderful books about Pope John XXIII, you can obtain them in most book-stores or again go to

Reprinted with permission by Deacon John G.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

One day a very serious minded padre, with a delicate sense of humor, referred to the Scriptures in his own peculiar way, emphasizing a delicate point. The passage was from the book of Genesis 3rd Chapter, 9th Verse:
"When they heard the sound of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day, the man and his wife (Adam and Eve) hid themselves from the Lord God among the trees of the Garden. But the Lord God called the man and said to him,
"Where are you?"
And Adam said: "I heard you in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked; and I hid."
Then God said: "Who told you that you were naked? You have eaten then of the tree of which I commanded you not to eat."
The man said: "The woman you placed at my side--SHE DONE ME IN--she gave me fruit from the tree and I ate."
Then the Lord God said to the woman, "Why have you done this?"
The woman said: "The serpent deceived me and I ate." (In the next several Verses, God told them of their punishment, and promised them a Redeemer.)
The 21st Verse continues:
"The Lord God made garments of skin for Adam and his wife and clothed them."
* * *
Once you begin to read the Bible, whether the Old Testament or the New Testament, you can hardly put it down, it's so interesting, and it's TRUE, and so important to our daily life. It's the difference between Life and Death: Eternal Life and Eternal Death: Hell or Heaven! Surely you can obtain a Bible most anywhere--but if you wish you can obtain one very reasonably at
* * *
Reprinted with permission by Deacon John G.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Our Blessed Mother appeared in Knock, Ireland in 1879. Somehow Our Lady never said a word--strange, she did not speak--. However Mary spoke at ALL the other apparitions. How come?
Said one gracious Irish Sister: "You see it's this way:
"The reason Our Blessed Mother never spoke at Knock because--I hate to say it--'You can't tell the Irish anything, they know it all, so what's the use of telling them.' "
Now please, I didn't say it--a lovely Irish Sister said it. But really, the vision in Ireland was seen by all the people in Knock at that time. They saw besides Our Lady, St. Joseph, St. John, the Lamb of God and the Altar, and Our Blessed Mother wore a beautiful crown on her head.
So, this wonderful detailed vision speaks for itself--no words are needed. Indeed this gracious Irish Sister spoke with 'tongue in cheek.' Yes, the Irish have a good sense of humor.
Millions of people from all over the world have visited Knock, many wonderful books have been written about this marvelous vision, many remarkable cures have taken place there.
Why don't you check it out--go there--.
You may obtain books regarding this unusual apparition by contacting TAN Books and Publishing, Inc.
(Reprinted by Deacon John G. with permission.)


Hail, O Queen of heav'n enthroned, alleluia!
Hail by angels mistress owned, alleluia!
Root of Jesse, Gate of Morn, alleluia!
When the world's true Light was born, alleluia!
Glorious Virgin, joy to thee, alleluia!
Loveliest whom in heaven they see, alleluia!
Fairest thou, where all are fair, alleluia!
Plead with Christ our sins to spare, alleluia!
(Edward Caswall, 1814-1878. Public domain)
Here we are at the Fifth Glorious Mystery of the Rosary. Our Blessed Mother is crowned Queen by God the Father, as His beloved daughter; God the Son, as His dearest Mother; God the Holy Spirit, as His most chosen Spouse; the most perfect adorer of the Most Blessed Trinity, pleading our cause, interceding for us sinners. She is our Advocate, who takes us, her children in her arms, as she held Jesus, her Divine Son, and presents us to Him for our salvation! What a Mother we have! She loves each one of us as if we were a little Jesus. And the more we receive Him in the Blessed Sacrament, the more we become images of Him, our Savior, our Redeemer, our Lord and God!
How wonderful must it have been when Our Lady, her time being completed here on earth, was re-united with her Son in Heaven and surrounded by all the Angels and the Saints, was embraced by Him and then crowned Queen of all the universe.
I hope and pray that we all will one day see this great Glorious Mystery and be embraced by Jesus and Mary too!
Deacon John G.

Sunday, August 21, 2005





Posted with their permission by Deacon John G.

"The mouth of the just man utters WISDOM AND HIS TONGUE SPEAKS WHAT IS RIGHT!" Ps. 36/30


The Mayor Of Innsbruck, Austria used to insist: "To convey a message you must tell a story."

Didn't Jesus tell parables--stories--to convey His Message? Here is a short one with a message.

"I don't believe it!" So spoke the hotel manager, as the fair lady, a guest at the hotel, complained: "I was thrown out of bed twice, as a freight train passed just now in front of the hotel, shaking the building. And you don't believe me? Are you calling me a liar?" She fumed. "Look here, you lie down on this bed right now, when the next freight train passes, I can assure you, you'll get thrown out of this bed."

"Ridiculous!" the manager insisted. She just shoved him on the bed. In the meantime, the fair lady's husband, who picked up a couple of sandwiches downstairs, returned to the room and wanted to know: "What on earth are you doing in my wife's bed?"

"You won't believe this," answered the hotel manager in his fine yiddish brogue. "I am waiting for a freight train!"

The message: People just don't want to believe!

By the way, Innsbuck, Austria is one of the most beautiful cities in the Alps.

Deacon John G.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Saint Bernard

"In dangers, in doubts, in difficulties, think of Mary, call upon Mary. Let not her name depart from your lips, never suffer it to leave your heart. And that you may obtain the assistance of her prayer, neglect not to walk in her footsteps. With her for guide, you shall never go astray; while invoking her, you shall never lose heart; so long as she is in your mind, you are safe from deception; while she holds your hand, you cannot fall; under her protection you have nothing to fear; if she walks before you, you shall not grow weary; if she shows you favor, you shall reach the goal." - Saint Bernard of Clairvaux

Our Lady with Christ Child and St. Bernard
by Murillo

This is one of my favorite Saints, who loved Jesus & Mary so much! He's a Doctor of the Church and is known as the Last of the Fathers. I admire the fact that he joined a monastery in his time that was known as a failure instead of joining one of the more popular ones. Within a short time that failure turned into one of the greatest orders of that age, the Cistercians, who spread throughout the world.

Because we are weak and always fall short of our desire to holiness, I believe like St. Bernard, that by invoking the Holy Name of Mary (Hail Mary) through the Holy Rosary, the Most Blessed Trinity will have mercy on us and one day we will join all the Angels & Saints in the Hearts of Jesus & Mary, praising God for all Eternity!
Jesus, Mary, I love You. Save souls!

Deacon John G.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Today is the Feast of Saint John Eudes (1680), who was one of the first preachers of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus & Mary. He also composed the first Mass in honor of the Holy Heart of Mary. He preached about the love of God for humanity through the Hearts of Jesus & Mary. Of course he suffered many trials and tribulations because of these devotions, especially from the Jansenists, who were in the church at that time. He also founded two Religious congregations, one for priests and one for nuns.
I wish we had more priests like him! I always love to hear a sermon about Our Mother Mary and how she draws us to her Divine Son Jesus. It strengthens my Faith and helps me to proclaim the love of God for us and His Divine Mercy!
In many of Our Lady's apparitions, i.e., Fatima, Akita, Medjugorje, etc., Our Blessed Mother calls us to consecrate ourselves to her Immaculate Heart, so that we can become her devout children and she can mold us into the image of Jesus, our Lord and our God!
God, the Father, is so wonderful in giving us Jesus as our Brother and Mary as our Mother. How could we not get to Heaven by imitating them!!!
Deacon John G.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

I was reading about some of the reports of the many pilgrimages around the world to Our Blessed Mother's Shrines. How wonderful that so many people love Our Lord & Our Lady so much that they would travel many miles in this hottest of seasons (Late Summer) to honor Mary's Assumption.

The one sad note was when I read about what happened in Ohio! Here's the News Clip:

CareyFight Breaks Out At Catholic Festival
Fights broke out during the annual Feast of the Assumption pilgrimage in Carey Sunday afternoon at the Our Lady of Consolation Shrine.
The religious event is supposed to bring thousands of people together to honor the Virgin Mary, which falls on every Aug. 15.
The annual event was interuppted after a group, known as the "Minister of Annoyance," told the numerous Catholics in attendance to not believe in God and disown their faith.
It sparked a fight between the group and a few teenagers. Carey police were called and arrested three teens and one adult.
One person was sent to an area hospital but refused treatment.
Police tell ONN affiliate WNWO that over the past two years street preachers have shown up to The Feast challenging those in attendance. Sunday, instead of staying in one place, the street preachers dispersed into the crowd and aruguments took place between 300-400 people.
The faithful chased the street preachers out of town says Rev. John Raphael, pastor of The Shrine.
"They show up with video cameras, send threatening faxes, and are there to cause problems," Rev. Raphael tells WNWO. "I instruct my staff and those faithful who show up to ignore them.
"They go to other places and do the same thing. I tell my staff to pray for them."
The Feast of the Assumption vigil still carried on after the brief dispute. This is the 130th year for the pilgrimage to the Our Lady of Consolation Shrine.

I thought we got along with the Evangelicals? These sad people, who are blind to the truth, are certainly mixed up in their Gospel values. I don't remember Our Lord ever telling His Apostles to cause havoc at any religious gathering. He certainly didn't condone violence against anyone, but preached "Love your enemies!"

I'm thinking about how I would react to these fanatics, who love to attack Our Blessed Lady and the Holy Roman Catholic Church. I certainly would try to answer their criticisms of our Faith, but in humility and mortification, would NOT resort to name calling or violence. "Turn the other cheek," Jesus said. Can we do this? It's hard, but necessary, cause through the blood of martyrs, the Faith will grow and be pure.

Blessings to all!
Deacon John G.

Monday, August 15, 2005

The Assumption

What a wonderful day! Mass was so peaceful as we honored Our Lady's Assumption body & soul into Heaven! It gives a person a lot to think about, especially our own spiritual journey, our road to Heaven too! I was meditating on that glorious day when the Lord Jesus will raise up all His followers, His children, on that Last Day, and take us up to Heaven, body & soul! And our bodies will be spiritulized, made whole, transfigured, perfect, as our souls will be perfect. "Be ye perfect, as your Heavenly Father is perfect." Said Jesus. (St. Matthew 5: 48). By ourselves we can do nothing but with Jesus & Mary we can be perfect, cause being consecrated to Mary, our Mother, she will obtain from Our Lord and bestow the graces we need to be images of Christ. Then the Father will see His Divine Son in us and will allow us to enter His Kingdom in Heaven.
O Mother Mary, take me in your arms as a little infant and change me into an image of your Divine Son, Jesus & thee!
Another surprise! I just went to the mail box and received a precious gift, a CD from the Monks at the Benedictine Monastery in Oklahoma! And the title of the CD is: Gregorian Chant: FEAST OF THE ASSUMPTION OF THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY, Chants for Mass and the Office of Vespers.
Thank You Lord and Our Blessed Lady for this gift. I've been longing for some spiritual music to pray with and now I have it.
Blessings from
Deacon John G.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

That's me in my Condo! Posted by Picasa

I've been reading about the Akita, Japan, apparitions, where Our Lady's statue cried 101 times! And today, I just read about this statue in Australia ( that has wept. Of course there has been many statues that have wept, some even blood! What does it mean to you? Do you ignore these signs from heaven? What is God telling us through these signs?

I believe strongly in these signs. As a matter of fact, I've been praying three Hail Mary's, daily, in honor of Our Lady's tears for many years and have a deep devotion to those tears. I want to console Our Lady and wipe away those tears, but who am I to do such a thing? And so I offer up in reparation all my prayers, and my sufferings, which are plenty, for Mary, Our Mother and her intentions. And what are Mary's intentions? That the Father will be glorified on earth as He is in Heaven! That Christ, her Divine Son will reign in the hearts of all humankind! That the Holy Spirit will renew the face of the earth!

I believe we are on the verge of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and that a "Time of Peace" will be granted to the world after a Purification that will correct the conscience of every person on earth!

Hold on to your hats! or as they say: "Don't get caught with your pants down!"

What do you think?
Deacon John