Sunday, November 06, 2005


The very difficult Question
Father, I have a question, I bet you can't answer!
How can one answer an atheist or a non-believer, or anybody this hard question:--
How can God allow such calamities to take place as it happened in Bangladesh, near India--where this typhoon (hurricane) destroyed out of 10,000,000 homes, 9,000,000 of them--over 125,000 people dead--more injured--. And for those millions who remain, there was no drinking water, no food. It is reported those who are alive are envying those who are dead. - - - Consider the Philippine Volcanic eruptions and loss of lives - - - and other catastrophies . . .
How can Almighty God allow all this to take place?
How can you explain all this, Father???
Almighty God is telling all of us in the World--through Our Blessed Mother in her many apparitions and locutions--what has happened in that part of the far East can happen anywhere in the World!
Unless humanity stops offending God:--
in Abortion
in Sins against the 6th Commandment, particularly
in Sex offenses, Pre-marital sex
in Immodesty of dress and behavior, as advertised
in many newspapers and periodicals
in Offence of the Sabbath, not keeping it holy, specifically in Stores and business' keeping them--open on Sundays
in Living as if there is no God, as portrayed on most T.V. stations
in disregarding actually all of God's Laws and Commandments.
Unless mankind returns to God, what happened in Bangladesh can happen anywhere in the World. This is the Message from Above! For all of us! Also mankind must pray--to avert the catastrophies. God demands reparation!
* * *
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