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Description of Marija’s Apparition

Chapel of Two Hearts, Friday, July 27, 2007

Marija leading the rosary at her chapel July 27, 2007 ©COB

Friday, July 27, 2007, Marija greets everyone present. As her chapel is filled to capacity, Marija led the Rosary from the doorway, near the hand-carved crucifix in Her chapel.

Many wonder what it is like to be in a daily apparition with one of the visionaries. Tonight, at Marija’s Chapel of Two Hearts, a large Italian group met at Marija’s Chapel, along with several Croatian villagers from Medjugorje, as well as pilgrims from Australia and some from America. There was a large youth group in attendance, so Marija actually led the Rosary herself tonight. Normally she allows those who bring the groups to lead the Rosary. She prayed the mysteries of the Rosary out loud and then offered for others to pray the actual decade.

At approximately 6:35 p.m., the Salve Regina was sung while everyone stood up to honor Our Lady. Immediately after, Marija explained in several languages that apparition time was approaching and asked for everyone to kneel down. She then knelt down in front of Our Lady’s statue and began praying the 7 Our Father’s, Hail Mary’s, and Glory Be’s. Within these prayers, Our Lady arrives and all in the Chapel are aware of Her arrival because Our Lady always comes while Marija is praying the prayers out loud. Suddenly Marija’s voice disappears and her head is turned upward.

Our Lady will remain anywhere between 2-5 minutes. Marija, after making the Sign of the Cross to end her prayer, will stand in front of everyone in the chapel and explain what happened in the apparition. She always recommends all the intentions of those gathered today for the apparition. Our Lady then prays over and then blesses everyone, and included in that blessing are all the religious articles that people have brought with them. The significance of Our Lady’s blessing is also a blessing for the whole world. We do not understand fully this blessing, but we know enough that it is protecting the world from self-destruction.

Marija in estcasy June 27, 2007 ©COB

Silence descends upon the chapel when Our Lady appears. Marija is before the statue of Our Lady in ecstasy this evening.

Tonight, Marija surprised everyone by inviting them to stay to listen to her share stories about Our Lady and Her messages. She did so for more than an hour, to a very captive audience.

Tonight, Marija also will begin a novena to Our Lady, climbing Apparition Hill each day in preparation for Our Lady’s birthday, August 5th. What are you doing for Our Lady’s birthday this year? Decide today to do something concrete for Our Lady’s intentions during these nine days.

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