Thursday, July 12, 2007


2. The Coronation.
All this, sublime though it be,was after all only the entrance. The apotheosis was reached when God, coming to meet Mary, invited Her to sit on the throne that belonged to Her because She is the Mother of God. She must be crowned as a Queen.
Come and be crowned, the Almighty tells Her. Come and be crowned with the crown that was prepared for you from eternity. Recollect those words of st. Paul when speaking of Heaven: No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no man has conceived what God has prepared for those who love Him. How then could we imagine what God had prepared for the one who from the first instant of Her conception loved Him more than all the saints and angels together! The Church gives an answer to this when she sings: She has been exalted above all the choirs of angels, so that there is no throne higher than Her's. She is a hierarchy by Herself, and indeed the greatest, the most sublime of all, the one who for the whole of eternity gives God the greatest glory.

God grants the reward according to the merit. Its glory is in proportion to the degree of the sanctity of the soul. Plunge into this fathomless sea which is truly immense, namely, the unlimited wealth of the graces and merits of Our Heavenly Mother. Then you will be able to build up some idea of the immensity of Her glory in Heaven. See Her advance, modest and recollected, led by the hand of God, to ascend the steps of His throne, sit by His side, and be there crowned by the Father with the crown of power, by the Son with the crown of wisdom, by the Holy Spirit with the crown of love. She is crowned also for the super-angelic purity of Her Heart, of Her spirit and of Her immaculate body; for Her most perfect obedience; for Her most profound humility as well as for Her most ardent love which made Her live and die from love of God.

[Excerpted from 'MARIAN MEDITATIONS' Book by Rev. Dr. Ildefonso R. Villar, Salesian Philippine Province, Nihil Obstat; Imprimatur]