Wednesday, July 25, 2007


"My Heart Will Be Your Refuge" is the title of Message #33.

Of course this reminds me of Our Lady of Fatima's words to the three seers: "My Immaculate Heart will be your safe refuge and the sure way which will lead you to God." These words so impressed me when I first read them 40 years ago that they have never left my mind. They are also the theme for my Marian Blogs.

Today Mother Mary is telling Fr. Gobbi that She wants to lead him by the hand into the depths of Her Immaculate Heart, where he can live and contemplate all the events happening in the world. By being in that safe refuge, the coldness of egoism, sensuality, hatred, violence, unhappiness, and atheism will not affect him. He will remain serene, not troubled, having no fear because of being in Our Lady's Heart. How? By being in the Heart of Mary, it will be like living in a part of Paradise, outside of time. There Mother Mary consoles and directs Her sons (and daughters) and prepares them to point out the way for a great multitude of Her wandering children as we approach Her triumph!

What about you? Do you have these feelings too? Like living outside of the world? Are you serene, untroubled and having no fear as the world around us goes mad? I know that's how I feel. I live each day for itself, with the Holy Mass as the center of the day and everything else surrounding it. I can't live in the past; I can't worry about the future; everything is in God's hands! If the world ended right now, so be it. Amen! Don't we pray every day "Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done"! Don't we pray "Give us this day our daily bread". We're asking for today's bread, not yesterdays or tomorrows! Don't we want to go to heaven? In the meantime, I try to reach out to as many souls as I can with Our Lady's loving Messages, praying "Jesus, Mary, I love You; Save souls!" If we remain in Mary's Heart, She will get us to Heaven safely and at the right time!
Roman Deacon