Friday, July 06, 2007


By "Anne," a Lay Apostle

Message # 16

August 13, 2003

The Blessed Mother

My dear consecrated souls, are you listening to your Mother? Are you letting my messages reshape your soul and your direction? Perhaps you are angry at your Mother. Tell me, dear little wounded soul. You may tell me if you are unhappy. Only through communication can we get to the root of the trouble and heal your pain. I do not want any blockages between us. So you must be honest. If you have healing that must be done, look around now. I will send you a holy soul to assist you. You will know this soul and with the help of this comrade, you can discover the source of your pain and we can lance any wounds that continue to take you from your Mother.

My child, injustice exists in your world. But injustice is not allowed in heaven. There is only love and celebration. Let me tell you about heaven so that you know and understand the glory of your destination. Heaven is filled with souls who love God. These souls, all filled with joy, explore every facet of the Divine. There is great knowledge to be had and anything you want to learn, you can learn. Imagine exulting in the accomplishments of all of the saints, both those who are known to you and those who are known only to God. In heaven, your accomplishments will be celebrated. Your faults, your sins, do not make the journey and are not only forgotten, but incinerated. Can you imagine, dear ones? Do you begin to picture this? Let me continue. In heaven, there are vast spaces, fitted with every bit of beauty ever created by God. If, on earth, you create something that is divinely inspired, and this is what We want from you, it will endure in heaven, to be admired and explored by your brothers and sisters. Your spiritual relationships will also follow you to heaven. Every memory of your sins will be erased because you could not enjoy heaven if you were constantly annoyed by the memory of your mistakes. This is a mercy of God Himself and a good illustrative example of the character of your God. Please consider that more. He is never spiteful, never vengeful, and never punishes to punish. God, your all loving Father, moves only for the benefit of you, His creatures, created in love and hope. Children, I say to you with love, let go of your pain. I will help you. Ask me, please, and allow me to wash away the past hurts inflicted upon you by troubled souls. I wish your wholeness, your wellness, your confidence. Your healing is here, in my hand. I extend my hand to you now and place it in your heart. Be with me, dear one. It is to you, I speak.

These messages were excerpted from Volume Three of the Direction for Our Times series given to "Anne," a Lay Apostle. For further information regarding the Lay Apostolate of Jesus Christ the Returning King, or to purchase Direction for Our Times volumes, please contact Direction for Our Times on the Web at, or mail inquiries to the following address: 9000 West 81st St., Justice, IL 60458, U.S.A.