Monday, July 09, 2007


Today's Message is #17 of the MMP Blue Book and it is titled: 'These Are My Priests.'

Our Lady is gathering Her priest-sons together for a "spiritual exercise." She has called, chosen, and prepared these priests who will meet for the first time; but what is amazing is that when they do meet, it will be like coming home and they will feel like they have known and loved each other for along time.

I've have this experience when I meet other Catholics who are members of the Marian Movement of Priests. Our spirituality is so united that I feel a close bond to them. How about you? Does this happen to you too? That's what important about having the MMP Cenacle meetings all in the same format. When you have to join a new Cenacle Group, you feel right "at home," as Our lady said!

As Mary calls these priests together, and us too, She has some instructions for all of us:

Obey Her orders, which can be found in the Blue Book; be ready to respond and used for the defense of Jesus and Mary, of the Church; you are the salt in a world totally corrupted; you are shining lights in a darkness that is everywhere.

Spiritually fight against Satan's army. Are you ready for this? Some of Our Lady's army will be ridiculed, despised, persecuted and some will be killed! But Our Lady will always be with you, defend and protect you and wipe away your tears as a good Mother.

Defend the Holy Father, who is being attacked even from his own; he carries a heavy cross, and like Jesus, he will be abandoned by many. Just read the secular reports and see how many are upset with the Pope's Motu proprio's: the one to the Chinese Catholics and the one on the Traditional Latin Mass. Even some of his own bishops and priests are rejecting the Holy Father's efforts to unite the Catholic Church as One! Some are ignoring his wishes. Our Lady says that those who are united with Her will be the Pope's comfort and defense and will be victorious! Praise God!
Roman Deacon