Thursday, July 05, 2007


Today's MMP Message is #13, titled 'The Great God of Sanctity.'

Although Our Lady is addressing Her priest sons, those of us who are consecrated to the Immaculata are Her sons and daughters too, so these Messages strike our hearts as well. For instance, Mary starts off saying Life is precious and we should not waste a second of it! How true! And how quickly life passes on. I'm over 70 and yet I feel that everything that I've experienced in my life happened just yesterday! Maybe that's why I get so upset at the high prices these days; I still remember what a nickel bought when I was a kid. Amazing! Sure we didn't make a lot of money, but what we made went a long way.

Getting back to Our Lady's words, She wants us to become like Her in all ways; what we do, what we say, what we think, what we touch, etc. And as we pray with Mary, we then really feel that we are Her child, upon Her Heart. Another gift that the Mother gives us is detachment from the world, so whatever we are doing we start doing it in a spirit of prayer, united with Mary. Everything else is boring and prayer is our joy!

Mary's joy is to lead us to a deeper love of Jesus and to be faithful to the Gospel, but we must be docile in Her hands. We must give ourselves to Her through our daily consecration and then She will change us, use us, possess us; we will be other Mary's, where the Holy Spirit will dwell, where Jesus will reside with the Father in our hearts too! That's sanctity!

Let us allow Our Lady to use us for God's great plan of salvation for His Church and for all humanity! May the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary reign in the hearts of all humankind!
Roman Deacon