Monday, July 30, 2007

'Let Them Live Out the Trust of the Present Moment' is the title of Message #38 to Fr. Gobbi.

Our Lady continues to lead and spiritually guide Fr. Gobbi so that through him, her other priest sons will also grow in their spirituality. What a great teacher She is! I know, because She has been my Mother and Teacher these many years. Right in the beginning of my conversion, On the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, I offered and dedicated my life to Her totally! And Our Lady has taught and guided me well! I can never thank Her enough for teaching me the Faith and bringing me to Her Son, Our Savior, Jesus Christ!

So, when we entrust ourselves to Mother Mary, She takes us by the hand, clasps us to Her Immaculate Heart, and walks by our side. We also learn that Mary has prearranged everything for us. Are we suffering, misunderstood, abandoned? Our Lady says that has been prearranged so that we may grow strong on the way of perfection. But we must learn to see Mary at our side, to feel Her presence, so to say, even in obscurity.

Yes, this is hard. I've been there, I know what its like to be abandoned and even rejected, and I know how my nature rebels against it. But the answer is to live in the present moment, and surrender completely like little babies to Mother Mary! She says, So then why are you still thinking of the past? Forget it! Why are you making plans for the future? Forget it!

So my answer is to pray each day for the grace to be able to place myself in Our Mother's arms, like a babe, to be nourished and fed by Her with the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, and molded into an image of Her divine Son Jesus and Her. Could the Son not be the image of His Mother? His humanity had all Her genes, there was no human father. They must have looked like twins! May our image be like Theirs! And may we trust in the present moment!
Roman Deacon