Saturday, July 28, 2007


A very short Message (36) today titled: 'What a Mother Can Do.'

What can Our Mother do? Only what we desire, if it is a holy desire. She respects our free will and will never go against it, but She will definitely try to correct us in line with Jesus' Will and certainly try to bring us to Him, especially through the Holy Roman Catholic Church!

So, today Our Lady talks to Fr. Gobbi in Rome, the Eternal City. Gathered together with twelve priests in a Cenacle of Prayer, She says that the seed is now planted and from this group of twelve (sounds like the Acts of Apostles) the Marian Movement of Priests will spread out through the whole world! And so it has. If you look at the list of all the Cenacles you will be amazed!

So Our Lady is speaking through Fr. Gobbi, and his spiritual director helps him discern Our Lady's Messages and what to write in the booklet. Those who read and live the words of Mother Mary will receive extraordinary graces which will transform our lives and the life of the whole world! Mary says: Oh, always let yourself be led by me; then you will see what the Mother can do for you. If we conform our wills to Christ, She will work wonders for us!
Roman Deacon