Friday, July 20, 2007


Medjugorje Headline
Friday July 20, 2007
Our Lady Said
To Pray for Families

What was the rest of the world doing on this Friday night? Shopping, going to sporting events, the movies, restaurants, a night on the town, working late? To those of us in Medjugorje who made the trek up to the Blue Cross to be with Our Lady tonight, the world seemed very far away. And most people around the world, if they could have seen all of us perched on top of hard, rough rocks, sitting in very uncomfortable positions for several hours and praying Rosary after Rosary while we waited for the brief moment to be with Our Lady, though we couldn’t see Her ourselves, would think we were crazy. Yet, if they saw the moments after the apparition, when everyone came off the mountain and flooded the streets, laughing, smiling, joyous and at peace, they would have had to wonder where all that joy came from.

That’s what it was like on the mountain tonight, and in the streets afterwards, after Our Lady appeared. And there was no one on the mountain who would have chose to be anywhere else in the world on this Friday night in Medjugorje.

Ivan described the apparition tonight.

“Tonight when Our Lady came She was very, very happy. She greeted us by saying “Praised be Jesus my dear little children.” Our Lady then prayed for a long time with Her hands extended over us. She then blessed us all with Her Motherly Blessing. She blessed all your articles, everything you brought for blessing. And after Our Lady prayed especially for all the sick present here tonight. I recommended all of your petitions, your families, and especially for the sick. And after Our Lady spoke.* (a message) And after, I prayed with Our Lady an Our Father and a Glory Be. And then Our Lady left saying “Go in peace my dear children.”

- Community of Caritas
in Medjugorje

* Tonight Our Lady did give a message, which overjoyed everyone present, as it was not expected. The message began with “Dear Children” and ended with “Thank you, dear children, for having responded to my call.” Check on tomorrow for the translation of the message.

Pilgrims gather on July 20, 2007 for the apparition on Apparition Hill ©COB

This picture was taken tonight, July 20, 2007, about an hour before Our Lady’s apparition. Each week new pilgrims arrive in Medjugorje, replacing the ones who have just left. Always it is the greatest blessing for pilgrims to be able to be present at the apparition of Our Lady to Ivan in his prayer group. Despite the uncomfortable surroundings, it is beautiful to see the reverence, love and honor that these pilgrims show Our Lady week after week after week. Tonight Our Lady said to pray for families.

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