Monday, October 29, 2007

". . . Go into nature . . ."

Seasons Speak...

Cemetery and Cross Mountain ©COB

Medjugorje this morning, October 29, 2007. Seasons speak to us, especially when we do as Our Lady has told us to do.

April 25, 1993

"…Go into nature…"

The leaves of 2007 in the Medjugorje vineyards burn with colors as they enter the finest hour just before death. They decompose to help the growth for the next season. The martyrs burn and shine in their finest hour at death. They were the seeds for conversion and the church grew. Those who enter into hell no longer have purpose. The hatred and torment by the fallen angels towards their existence in hell is of such an intensity that we cannot grasp it, even with the greatest of an imagination. They have no future. They have no purpose. Your trials, your sufferings have purpose. When you lose sight of your purpose, go into nature, refresh your soul. Make every hour your finest, surpassing the last, until you live your last as your finest hour.

With Love,
A Friend of Medjugorje

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"In Cordibus Jesu et Mariae"