Monday, October 29, 2007

Reflections on the Priesthood (2)

Each reader must accept that I am not talking about assaulting a priest for his choice of spirituality. There are those who so love the path they have been called to in the Church that they believe that unless others are following that same path, others are getting it wrong. A priest does not have to be "into" this or that apostolate to be holy. A priest has to be "into" the presence of Christ in his priesthood.

What I am saying is that while it is good to introduce the priests in our lives to the spiritual movements that are helping us, we should not make judgments about these priests based on their acceptance or non-acceptance of a particular spiritual movement.

There is something so beautiful about the priests that I have seen in heaven. One particular priest I saw represented was not actually there yet. He was coming soon, but I saw his imprint in heaven, the shape of him in that his presence was evident through all of the fruits of his labor. There were many in heaven waiting for his arrival, people whose lives he has impacted through his vocation.

While the priest serves on earth, Jesus prepares his eternity. This is the same for all of us but priests have something different that endures for eternity. They have the mark of Christ on them in a more concrete way. Heaven is different because of this man's vocation and the vocation of every serving priest. Heaven is altered. There is more glory for God because this man allowed Christ to flow through him in administering the sacraments and providing assistance to others with regard to direction, affirmation, and confirmation of what is God's will and what is not God's will.

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