Monday, April 21, 2008

Here's Two Contradictory News Releases About the Pope's Visit to the U,S.A.

April 21, 2008


 Over the weekend, CNN host Lou Dobbs lashed out at Pope Benedict XVI again; his first rant was on April 17. Here is a selection of what Dobbs said over the weekend:

 · "Well, he's [the pope] mixing religion and politics on his first trip to this country. We'll tell you how the pope is blasting our society, our immigration policy and a little more, as well."

· "Here he is, I guess, in many ways insulting our country, talking about the need to be welcoming, taking up the issue of illegal immigration without any comparison to the rest of the world."

· "Well, he's in America, partner. And you know what, when we're in Rome, we'll do as Rome does. But when Rome comes to America, how about a little salute and stay out of our politics."

· "I don't care if he listens or not, but I'm going to send him the message [of staying out of politics] because I really don't appreciate the bad manners of a guest telling me in this country and my fellow citizens what to do."

 Catholic League president Bill Donohue responded as follows:

 "If the pope is so accusatory of the United States, how can Dobbs explain the cover story in Time magazine (which is the flagship publication of Time Warner—the parent company of CNN as well)? It reads, 'Why the Pope Loves America.' And if Dobbs is right about the pope blasting America, how come no one else agrees with him?

 "Someone needs to give Dobbs a copy of the First Amendment: it guarantees freedom of religion and freedom of speech, two rights that apply to the clergy as well as the laity. Was Rev. Martin Luther King sticking his nose into the political affairs of the U.S. as well? Or does Dobbs just hyperventilate when bishops address immigration issues?

 "Dobbs needs a reality check. I'd be glad to give him one if he would like."

 Contact Jim McGinnis, the show's executive producer, at

The Pope of Hope - What's the Take Away America
Papal Biographer Available for Analysis on Historic Visit

NORTH HAVEN, Conn., April 21 /Christian Newswire/ -- The papal plane, Shepherd One, departed JFK Airport last night concluding a six day historic visit that surprised many people. Despite naming his trip, "Christ Our Hope", many Americans were unsure what the theme of his trip would be, but both critics and champions of the world's largest Christian denomination agree that what he brought to the United States was a renewal and revival of hope in the midst of a troubled nation.

To the American people he urged, "... move forward with firm resolve to use wisely the blessings of freedom, in order to build a future of hope for coming generations." Brennan Pursell, author of the newly- released Benedict of Bavaria, says that the message of hope is a theme that has marked the Pontiff's entire life.

"Benedict's tireless proclamation of hope has devastated a quarter-century of caricatures about Cardinal Ratzinger. No one, after this apostolic visit, can seriously maintain that Benedict XVI is a mean- spirited hard-liner. Look no further than his own life to truly understand that his own survival against terrible loss and trials has formed the man that America got to touch and hear directly. The challenge for Americans will be living out his requests," says Pursell.

On the Pope's candor regarding the scandals, Pursell says this, "The Pope has now left no room for doubt about his stance on the pedophilia crisis in the Church in America. Such behaviors are totally unacceptable, and bishops must move heaven and earth to make sure they never happen again. But the whole Church in America, all the faithful, must come together, in prayer, charity, and penance, to make sure that purification and true healing can take place. Benedict has said and done more than anyone expected or predicted."

And what about the youth, whom critics expected would reject this Pope as old and irrelevant? "The youth responded to Benedict with the same joyous outpouring of emotion that they bestowed on his predecessor. Their love of him shocked observers. What they see in Benedict is a man of conviction and depth - an example of survival to stand in the gap against relativistic pressure and materialism", observed Pursell.

During the Pope's visit Pursell's book was announced on the House of Representatives floor as a ground- breaking biography and was presented in person to the Pontiff at Catholic University of America. Benedict of Bavaria is the most well-rounded and authentic portrait of the Holy Father available.

To schedule an interview with Brennan Pursell, please contact Ashley Walker at The Maximus Group 678-990-9032.