Wednesday, January 07, 2009

[MaryVitamin] Jeremiah

O Root of Jesse
Ansgar Holmberg, CSJ

Mary Vitamin for January 7th
Topic: Jeremiah's "the Woman who Shall Compass a Man"
St. Bernardine
"God was pleased to dwell in the womb of this holy Virgin, she acquired, so to speak, a kind of jurisdiction over all the graces; for when Jesus Christ issued forth from her most sacred womb, all the streams of divine gifts flowed from her as from a celestial ocean."
The Glories of Mary, (Tan Books: 1978), 161.
St. Alphonsus di Liguori
"Another author, in a commentary on a passage of Jeremiah, in which the prophet, speaking of the Incarnation of the Eternal Word, and of Mary his Mother, says that 'a woman shall compass a man,´remarks, that 'as no line can be drawn from the centre of a circle without passing by the circumference, so no grace proceeds from Jesus, who is the centre of every good thing, without passing by Mary, who compassed him when she received him into her womb."
The Glories of Mary, (Tan Books: 1978), 161.
Mary  is the "celestial ocean of graces." I will remember this when I see my image of Our Lady  and call upon the graces that have not been asked for from this "celestial ocean."
Marian Vow:
Fr Stefano Manelli FI,
"Of all these passages, the more important are certainly the following texts: Isaiah's on the Rod from the Root of Jesse (11:1) and Jeremiah's on the Woman Who Shall Compass a Man (31:32). Both texts have been interpreted in a Marian sense by a fairly good number of holy Fathers and Catholic exegetes. They have seen Mary both in the 'root of Jesse' from which the Messiah sprouted and in the 'woman who shall compass a man', that is, who shall bear the Messiah in her virginal womb."
All Generations Shall Call Me Blessed, (Academy of the Immaculate: 1986), 60.
I give this resolution to the Blessed Virgin Mary.
Thanks be to God for graces received.