Friday, January 30, 2009

[MaryVitamin] St. John Bosco & The Blessed Virgin Mary

Mary Vitamin for January 30th
Topic: St. John Bosco & The Blessed Virgin Mary (Jan 31)
St. John Bosco:
"Don't be alarmed; the Madonna will see to the payments for her church. I am just the instrument – the cashier."
Edna Phelan, Don Bosco A Spiritual Portrait,  242.
When Don Bosco began the building of his church (now Basilica) dedicated to Our Lady, Help of Christians, he didn't have enough money to begin such a project, let alone complete it. Moreover, the land was poor and he had all the concerns of the Oratory upon him. However, he believed he was fulfilling Our Lady's request. Convinced of Her maternal care and Her all powerful intercession before God, he began the prodigious work of building.
Today I want to practice devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary in the manner of St. John Bosco. He trusted  Her with his financial concerns and he trusted Her with spiritual concerns. I will hide no concern of mine from Her today. I will speak to Her about all my troubles and believe She hears me and will take them to Her Son.
Marian Vow:
After St. Dominic Savio's death, he appeared to Don Bosco saying,
"The most consoling thing for me at the hour of death was the thought that I was a devotee of Our Lady! Tell this to your boys and recommend with insistence devotion to Our Lady." 
I give this resolution to the Blessed Virgin Mary.
Thanks be to God for graces received.