Thursday, January 08, 2009

TEACHINGS TO LIFT YOU UP by RITA RING Post 65, November 16, 1993

Demand Obedience of Your Children

God's Blue Book I Cover

November 16, 1993 - 4:15a.m.

Jesus speaks: You are My child, My sweet one. You try so hard to do all I ask and you think it is not enough. That is Satan. He is constantly on your heels trying to trip you up. You need to let go-more to Me and less of yourself. Don't worry about anything. You are used to doing as you want. I am teaching you My will. You will not do it all right at once. I will help you let go of self and give totally to Me. As I possess you, you will surrender to Me and know how I love thee and operate in thee. You are doing as you ought.

Tell your children about Me in love. But remember, the devil is trying you all at every turn. Keep remembering that he hates you and must use your family to get to you. You pray so much and he hates that. He hates your kissing the ground in the sanctuary. I love that. I am pleased. Keep praying for help. I will help you. You still try to rely on yourself when you are under attack. Satan moves in ready to fire. You cannot ward him off alone. He is pressing in, usually by having your children try you. Then he attacks hard and you try to withstand his attack alone. You must say, "Jesus, Jesus, I am under attack. Take the devil away. By the Precious Blood of Jesus, I command him to leave." Then know he will depart.

You try to see if you can handle his attack, usually through your children, and then get upset when you must feel like a failure. You, child, don't let him attack you! Cast him out! You know when your children are attacking you by trying to disobey and do what they are told not to do. Cast out the devil. Don't try to be patient. Realize it is the devil, not your child attacking you. He is, you know, attacking you from all sides. Cast him out. Don't try to be patient with the devil. Forget it. He keeps trying you and eventually you get angry. You should get angry right away and cast him out! Don't be tried by your children. You demand obedience. Obedience teaches them about complying to your rules. They must learn how to obey you, to obey God. Tell them to obey and stop it. Don't let yourself be tried by Satan through anyone. Recognize the attack and cast him out. You are wrapped up in the personalness of your family and forget that you have the power to send Satan away. Send him away! Believe Me, he is pressing in on you from all sides. Do you think he will let you get these letters out without a fight?

I am guarding you day and night. I am there watching you. Nothing happens in your world unless I allow it. I want these letters out. Spend your days working on getting them together. I am being patient but I am tired of waiting while you do other things. You must tend to these letters until you get them out. You will not be met with resistance! I will tend to all you need. Just keep writing and getting them typed.

Oh, sweet one, don't worry about anyone or anything. Satan is using your children to get to you. Pray when you are perplexed and think of Me and My life and My passion, not the problem! Focus on My love for you, how intently I truly love you. Read My current letters. You are not reading them enough for yourself. Turn to My letters in troubles. Pray to St. Michael. You are surrounded by an army to help you. Don't give in to Satan and his sick ways. He comes in sheep's clothing but he is covering a mighty snake that means to attack you and slip you up. Cast him away. Don't try to be patient with the devil!

I love you, sweet one. Leave all things up to Me now. Tomorrow the Mass will be Mine to reach the older people. They need your songs to be touched by Me. Totally surrender. I will do it for you. Be in touch with Me every moment. When to eat, when to sleep, what to eat, who to talk to, what to do. Take a walk or exercise every day.

You are precious to Me. Keep remembering this. When you walk in raging waters, I am there. I am truly there. Cast the devil out. You are trying to calm him and put up with him. He will never give up. He gets worse. When you told your child to obey-children are willful-be stern and send Satan away. Don't bend the rule. Keep reading the 10 Commandments to your children, and studying them. Get your children to learn them. Read to them. You must spend much time with them in your teachings. Teach them. Don't teach everyone else. They can read the letters. Your children need your talks more than your friends.

I am with you and you, child, are never alone. Fall on Me, into My arms, when being attacked. Don't go there at all. Nip it in the bud. Cast him out. Don't be patient with Satan! Make your children obey you. They need to learn obedience.

I love you. I am Jesus, Son of the Living God and I live in you! Let Me live and act from your soul. I need you!

R. Dear Jesus, I am finding out how I did my will and told myself, "If it was a good thing, it was Your will." I need to care to my needs so I am not tired or hungry, but properly fed. This is Your will that I sleep. My children come after You and I have the job to feed them spiritually as well as physically. It takes just as much time to feed them each day spiritually as physically and it is more important to feed them their spiritual food.

Jesus speaks: Children must be taught to obey. You know what is best. I am guiding you. When you bend the rules with them, it is Satan starting his attack. Get rid of him and demand obedience. You are teaching them about obeying the Will of God when they learn to obey you.

It is so simple. They need to eat right, sleep right, be fed spiritually and be loved. Do all things as you know what is right. You give in because you think you don't know. You do know what to do with them. Demand obedience.

R. I love You! I love You, Jesus!