Tuesday, January 20, 2009

TEACHINGS TO LIFT YOU UP by RITA RING Post 75, November 25, 1993

Spend Time Alone With Your Children

God's Blue Book I Cover

November 25, 1993 5:30a.m.

Jesus speaks: Dear child, you are meeting lots of trials. Hold tight to the hand of God. If on your way everything seems to overtake you, just stop and hold tight to My hand. My hand is the hand of God. I do not ever wane or move about. I am the same today, yesterday, every day. What power! When you feel overwhelmed to stop, take a breath and then remember I, Who hold your hand, have all the power. That should put everything in its proper perspective.

These have been the times of tough days. Your child needs your understanding. Do not spend time with others. Concentrate on playing games and praying with your children. Your job is still the same: Mass, Communion, adoration, writing, and your children. All else takes its place behind these. Do not spend time with others and miss the golden opportunity of being with your children.

I will help you with My work. The more you read and edit, the more it will be very beneficial for you. Be a kind person today. Let My light flow from you. There are those you may not feel as good around. Remember Me. I am literally present at every turn. I hold your hands and you are never alone. Jesus Christ walks with you! Do not hate, do not be envious or think low of yourself. Realize the beauty of all God's children and remember your work is to spread My light to all.

You must forgive. It is hard to forgive those who are cruel to you, but your light is blocked if you hold on to any ill will. Pray for cleansing inside like an old fashioned street cleaner. It goes down the road and doesn't miss a spot. It scrubs each part of the street and then, when it leaves the street, it is so clean. Let My street cleaner go into your heart. It will clean and forgive the tiniest corners and rinse all the junk away. Then let go of it. Let go, child. You are collecting garbage by the sides of your heart. When you start to collect a little, it is easier for new garbage to mount up by the old garbage.

Do not bring up your past or feel sorry for yourself. Give up all your attachments to the past and realize the golden gems you received from these crosses. These were My teachings. The more you embrace the cross, the more you know of My ways. Don't ever get personal with yourself. Remain selfless and unattached to old pain. Everyone has suffered. Your suffering is only glory in how it brings you closer to Me. Do not discuss your suffering with others. Preach only what is in these letters. Your job is not idle conversation. It is staying fixed in My work. If the conversation goes to you personally, take it immediately back to My words. Others only need to know My teachings, not your private life. Your job is to teach that which I have taught you. The more you become selfless, the more your life will work out.

What you have suffered lately has brought you back to yourself. Stop now and ask Me to help you forgive. Talk to your children about how I am asking you to clean well the wall in your heart and you want to focus on the ways of God. Read this letter to them and then pray to ward off Satan's lies. He wants you bowed down and focused on his nasty little works so you will get tripped up. Let go. Only you can forgive. Say the Our Father. You owe no one any explanations on your life. You can help them by sharing My life as I am teaching you in these letters. The more you talk about Me and Me alone and forget yourself, the more your work will be My work. Your life is not important against My wisdom.

You need to be alone with your children. You must have time alone with them. This intimacy is what gives you all strength and direction in Me. When others penetrate this wall too much and you lack this closeness, your wall is weaker and Satan comes in.

You must pray with each other and become very united with Me. This is the strength you need in this world: prayer in the family. Be alone with your children. It builds a strong, holy wall around you. You need a united front against this world. This time is essential every day, time alone as a family. If others infiltrate this time, even on the phone, your united front becomes very weak. Playing games, praying, crafts, and music. TV in a sense weakens this wall because it is bringing in so much from the outside.

The family that prays and plays together stays together. You are most important as a family. Stay united and strong. Satan's main word now is division. You must ward off his ways to divide you. Stay united as a family. My Mother is spreading her mantle over you to keep you united. You have much help here.

R. Create in me a clean heart, oh Lord. Where there is hatred, sow love. Where there is anger, let it dissipate and let my heart be filled to the brim with You. May I realize how Satan is always around trying to get us to think of sick things. May Your light fill us to the brim with love for all and may we be able to stop this infiltration of hate and division and embrace unity and love.

Alleluia. Christ has come among us and we are made His Holy Ones. Alleluia.