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The Fire of My Love "Embrace The Cross" by Rita Ring, February 14, 1994

MEIXIAN COUNTY, CHINA - MAY 2:  Catholics pray...

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Embrace The Cross

God's Blue Book II Cover

February 14, 1994

R. Dear Father, help me to be strong as Your son was strong to His death on the cross. He carried His cross, walked the road to Calvary and submitted, to the last beat of His heart, to His death. He was so strong!

He calls us to sainthood. Being a saint means that we carry our cross. We do not put it down. We say, "Yes, Lord. Yes, Lord, I will carry mine as You carried Yours."

Jesus: Do you have a cross? Could you find a way to put it down and not do what He is asking you to do? Don't do that. Accept all I send you as coming from Him Who died for you. It is in your cross you will learn the lessons you need to do My work. The sun shines after the blustery rain. You will see the light at th

MEIXIAN COUNTY, CHINA - MAY 2:  A Catholic kis...

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e end of the tunnel, but you must carry this one as I carried Mine for love of you.

Do you question My ways, My child? The very hairs of your head are numbered. I am giving you exactly what you need today. Will you accept it and grow into sainthood? My ways are hard. Your crosses are not easy. Embrace the cross and love the pain. It is in the cross that you are taught the mightiest lessons.

You must come to Me to be taught. You must surrender as I did to the will of The Father. You must have faith. You are given these messages from Me to share with the world. You must come and be taught. You must surrender to every lesson as one given directly from God.