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[MaryVitamin] Father's Will


Mary Vitamin For May 22nd

 Topic: Our Lady of America and the Father's Will


Our Lady of America

"Patience, sweet child! The Will of the Father must be dearer to you than all else. This is the lesson every soul desiring intimate union with my Son must strive to learn."

August 22, 1957

Page 12 of the internet pamphlet


The Franciscan reformer St. Peter of Alcantara, noted for his joyful penance and prayerful manner, was the confessor and spiritual director of St. Teresa of Avila, Doctor of the Church. St. Peter offers encouraging words to those who find the Will of God difficult.

 St. Peter of Alcantara

 "As concerning the mystery of the Ascension, consider how Our Lord delayed His entry into Heaven for forty days, during which time He frequently appeared to His disciples and taught them and spoke with them of the kingdom of God. He did not then ascend to Heaven and separate Himself from them before they were ready themselves to ascend in spirit with Him. This shows us that often the actual presence of Christmi.e. the consoling feeling of devotion withdrawn from those who rising high in spiritual flight, are thereby secured the more against danger. Herein is wonderfully evident the Providence of God and the manner He has of dealing differently with His own at various times. He coaxes the weak with favors; the strong He puts to the test. For the tiny ones there is milk; the bigger ones are weaned. Some He consoles, the others He proves, treating each one according to the measure of his progress. Consequently, he who is regaled with devotion should not presume, for [this] favor is a sign of his [own] weakness; and one in desolation should not lose courage, since it is often a sign of [his] strength."

St. Peter of Alcantara, Treatise on Prayer and Meditation, (Tan Books: 2009), 80-1.


Today, when I come across a difficulty I will remember the words of Our Lady of America. "The Father's Will must be dearer to me than everything else." I will pray to Our Lady of America to not only do the Will of God but to also love and embrace it.

 Marian Vow:

Our Lady of America to Sr. Mary Ephrem

"I ask greater sacrifices of the most favored and beloved of my children. I ask in the Name and for the love of my Son, Who so desires this."

February 11, 1958

 I give this resolution to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

 Thanks be to God for graces received.

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Deacon John

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