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Commemorated on September 21.

The statue of the Mother of God venerated in San Miguel, El Salvador, is a Madonna and Child, with Jesus holding an olive branch. It was salvaged in 1682 from a box pushed by the tide onto the shore. Strangely enough, it was impossible to open the box until it was set in front of the parish church, which is a cathed
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ral today.

More than a century later, on September 21, 1787, the population of the city of San Miguel was terrorized by the eruption of the volcano of Chaparrastico. People hurried to get the statue of Our Lady of Peace and place her in font of the cathedral. Immediately thereafter, the smoke from the volcano formed a shape like a palm tree and changed directions.

In memory of that miraculous protection, the hand of the Blessed Virgin now holds a golden palm. Since, her reputation as peacemaker during upheavals and wars has spread. She was chosen as a witness of the commitment and peace treaty between the cities of San Miguel
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and Monula.

Our Lady of Peace was crowned on November 21, 1921, in the presence of the president of the Republic and many bishops. A new shrine was dedicated to her in 1953 and on November 23, 1966, Our Lady of Peace of San Miguel was proclaimed the Patroness of El Salvador.

(From the Mary of Nazareth Association Site: A Moment with Mary)
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