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Children of Medjugorje October Newsletter



October 15, 2009


Dear Children of Medjugorje

Praised be Jesus and Mary! 


1 – On October 2nd Mirjana received her monthly apparition in the presence of a crowd gathered at the Blue Cross, at the foot of Apparition Hill.  After the apparition, she shared the following message:

Our Lady of Medjugorje

Image by angelofsweetbitter2009 via Flickr


"Dear Children, as I look at you, my heart seizes with pain. Where are you going, my children? Have you sunk so deeply into sin that you do not know how to stop yourselves? You justify yourselves with sin and live according to it. Kneel down beneath the Cross and look at my Son. He conquered sin and died so that you, my children, may live. Permit me to help you not to die but to live with my Son forever." Thank you!”



2 – How about the 10 Commandments?  This message from Our Lady is so strong that if we ignore it, we take a grave risk.  Saint Paul tells us that. “the wages of sin is death”!  The Scriptures are not out of date! They teach us even today!  A recent example is from Gloria Polo, a Columbian dentist, who was hit by lightning, experienced cardiac death, and miraculously returned to life (  Gloria tells that after being hit, while appearing before God, to her horror, the Lord revealed to her all of the Commandments she violated while declaring herself "a good Catholic".  From her powerful testimony, here are a few examples: 

- While she thought she had never killed, she remembered financing abortions and knew that she had violated God’s Commandment.  She also saw the abortive effects of the IUD inserted into her body.  In fact, she saw several of her own children aborted through her IUD.  She had also provoked a young girl to commit suicide by saying to her with contempt, “Oh! You’re so fat!” 

- She believed that she remained faithful to her husband, but saw how her provocative outfits seduced men; these men had fallen into adultery by thought.  She encouraged women whose husbands cheated on them to be unfaithful, and she persuaded women not to forgive, but to divorce.  She also condoned living together before marriage.  

- She boasted that she had never stolen, yet she criticized people and the Lord showed her that criticizing someone is stealing their honor.  She wasted food.  Worst of all, she understood that she had stolen from her children the grace of having a tender and loving mother.  

- She believed that she loved her parents, yet she was ashamed of them because of their humble origin, and she found a way to remove them from her life.  She used the financial help she gave them as a means to manipulate and crush them.  

- She said, “I went to church on Sundays”. However, after she had spent 4 or 5 hours primping her body, Gloria arrived late to the shortest Mass and did not even take 10 minutes for a sincere prayer. In addition, she strutted about to show off her clothes.  

- She had decided never to go to Confession, criticizing the priests.  

- Often she lied and when she did, she would add, “If I lie, let the lightning hit me here and now!” 

As she was recognizing her secret and shameful thoughts in the light of God, she saw herself fall into Hell. In her anguish, she remembered a word from a patient who had not been afraid of telling her, “Doctor, you are very materialistic, and one day you will need this: in case of imminent danger, ask Jesus-Christ to cover you with His Blood, because He will never abandon you. He paid the price of Blood for you.”  She began to ask Him, begging Him to give her another chance.  And Jesus, in His mercy, agreed. 

When she came back to life, Jesus let her know that it was thanks to a very poor peasant that she had been saved from Eternal death.  He had seen in the newspaper the report of the death caused by lightning and had felt compassion for the soul’s sudden decease. Then he had decided to go on a pilgrimage (on foot ) to Buga, a Marian Shrine, for the salvation of this “little sister”.  His prayer saved Gloria. Without him, she said, she would be in Hell!  The Lord told her about the man, “This is loving one’s neighbor.” 

Now Gloria is a wonderful apostle, she gives the witness of her healing and conversion wherever groups invite her in South America or elsewhere. It is rare to find someone who experienced the fate of a soul that "bathes in sin" and presents itself before God without having repented... 

The Gospa wants us to live and not to die. It is up to us to live life following "the rules of the road“ -- that is, the 10 Words of life that God gave Moses, and those of Jesus in the Gospel. The Blessed Mother did not make up anything new! These 10 Words, far from being out of date, are necessary for our Eternal Salvation today more than ever. Our world glorifies sin. It does not see that doing so glorifies its own death and plays into the game of the destroyer!  It already bears its inner torments and stigmatas, especially among the youth!  But Mary comes to our rescue. Let us welcome her while there is still time!  


3 –  The International Retreat for Priests at Ars (France) was a great success!  1,200 priests came from 75 different countries, happy to put themselves under the wings of Cardinal Schonborn of Vienna, Austria. Not later than in the first day (Sept 29), the Cardinal didn’t hesitate to mention Medjugorje. Here are his words: 

“Let us speak about the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Sr Faustina calls Confession “the Court of Mercy”. What is it about this Sacrament in our lives as priests and Bishops and also in our pastoral work? How can we not pose this question to ourselves here in Ars? In our countries of Europe, but for some exceptions, I have the impression that the practice of this Sacrament enormously regressed and in certain areas almost disappeared. 

There are certainly bastions of confession today.  I think particularly of Medjugorje.  I dare speak of that because for 28 years it has become one of the greatest bastions of Confession. Thousands, thousands, thousands of people go to Confession!
I recall simply to clarify. What does the Church say about it? Just to reiterate between parenthesis:  The official position of the Episcopal Conference of ex-Yougoslavia and also of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith stated:
    "Non constat de supernaturalitate".  It means that it is not sure that it is          supernatural, but it is not excluded. It remains open. The jugement of the Church is     not pronounced yet. (There are three possibilities: "Constat de supernaturalitate",      "Non constat de supernaturalitate", and "Constat de non supernaturalitate".) 
For the moment the Church has not made a pronouncement, but she says two other things:
- Since Medjugorje is not officially approved by the Church, one cannot organize an official pilgrimage. (See PS1)

- Since there are many faithful who go to this place, it is opportune that one takes care of the pilgrimage pastorally, and that one pastorally accompanies the faithful in this step.  This is what has happened for the past 28 years.
Certainly our places of pilgrimage are bastions (strongholds) for Confession.   This is my experience, and that of many of my brother priests who exercised the ministry of Confession in places of pilgrimage. But especially in Medjugorje, they were overwhelmed by the experience of Confession."  (Translated from French)

Medjugorje (17)

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These words from Cardinal Schonborn were spoken in the full assembly of the priests. They are recorded and filmed, and the CD and DVDs will be soon available to all (See Those who have suffered for Medjugorje these last months because of some confusion in the Media, will find here a good reason to take heart again! (See PS1)


4 - The year for Priesthood: This month, let’s pray with Sr. Briege McKenna and Fr. Kevin the beautiful prayers for priests spread at “Intercession for Priests“(To say every day for a month, as announced in the Report of July 15th).

Lord Jesus, you have chosen your priests from among us and sent them out to proclaim your word and to act in your name. For so great a gift to your Church, we give you praise and thanksgiving. We ask you to fill them with the fire of your love, that their ministry may reveal your presence in the Church. Since they are earthen vessels, we pray that your power shine out through their weakness. In their afflictions let them never be crushed; in their doubts never despair; in temptation never be destroyed; in persecution never abandoned. Inspire them through prayer to live each day the mystery of your dying and rising. In times of weakness send them your Spirit, and help them to praise your heavenly Father and pray for poor sinners. By the same Holy Spirit put your words on their lips and your love in their hearts, to bring good news to the poor and healing to the brokenhearted. And may the gift of Mary your mother, to the disciple whom you loved, be your gift to every priest. Grant that she who formed you in her human image, may form them in your Divine image, by the power of your Spirit, to the glory of God the Father. Amen“.



5 – Mission in the United States and Canada, October 11th – 26th, 2009. 

Sister Emmanuel is in North America right now!  Mark your calendars and help us spread the word about the following talks scheduled for Sister: 

October 18                Austin, TX                         St John Neumann Parish, 10am

October 20                St Louis,MO                      Our Lady of the Pillar, 7pm

October 21                Villa Ridge, MO                St Mary’s Catholic Church, 7pm

October 22                Toronto, ON                      All Saints Catholic Church, 7pm

October 23                Riverview, MI                   Our Lady of Fatima Chapel, 6pm

October 24                Temperance, MI                Our Lady of Mt Carmel Parish, 3pm

October 25                Ave Maria, FL                   Ave Maria University, 3pm


Please keep this mission in your prayers!  We are recording this mission so if you aren’t able to come please join us in prayer and look for the CDs from her talks on our website soon.


Dearest Gospa, please help us to comprehend the great weight that is at stake with our every decision of life on earth!

Sister Emmanuel +

(Translated from French)

PS1 – From Ars: But one can organize a private pilgrimage. The entire retreat is available at  Maria Multimedia, BP 22, La Chasse, F-35750 Iffendic, France - Tél 00 33 299 099 210 - - Price : 5€ per CD et 10€ per DVD+ 5€. Cheques to Maria Multimedia.


PS2 – Thank you to all who joined us for the Children of Medjugorje Summit Retreat at St Malo last week.  We shared a beautiful three days together, as Sister Emmanuel billowed the flames of Christ’s love inside, while the snow blanketed the Colorado mountains all around us. We are so thankful for the prayers of all those who were unable to join us.  A “virtual retreat” will be available on a DVD set some time in November, just in time for Christmas.  Please check our website and the November newsletter for updates and online ordering.

PS 3 – Read it. Spread it! The Hidden Child of Medjugorje by Sr. Emmanuel. You won’t regret giving this book to a friend as a shower gift or a wedding gift!  In the US go to our store:  then click “Shop COM.”

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