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Embracing Hope TV Returns This November

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Embracing Hope
, by Lea Mallett


AFTER a long summer transition of moving my family and ministry, and constructing a new studio, I am preparing to resume my webcast, Embracing Hope, in the first part of November. An unscheduled overseas missionary trip has come up, and so I will be detained the next two weeks and unable to broadcast for the rest of October as I had originally hoped. I am most grateful to all of you who have subscribed and patiently waited for this transition to conclude! It has taken longer than anticipated, but I trust that God’s timing is better than my own.

Please pray for this mission trip I am undertaking. It is central to this ministry in ways that I do not yet fully comprehend. But I am certain I will be writing and speaking to you about it in the weeks to come. I have already begun to write about it here

While often my writings must seem surreal to you, as they often do to me, I see everything unfolding at a startling pace. Our journey together has been an emotional one, filled with mystery, trials, joy, and sorrow. At times, especially lately, I have wanted to flee from the task which has been asked of me. But through multi-faceted graces, and a strong and wise spiritual director, I know that God will not abandon me. There is more to say… the warnings in my heart are becoming stronger. God willing, I will be able to write you while I’m abroad.



The sale of my new book, The Final Confrontation, has exceeded expectations. We have already begun to print the Second Edition as the first 1000 copies have nearly sold out in a few short weeks. Till now, I have said little personally about this book. But a bishop came up to me a couple weeks ago and encouraged me to "talk it up." And so, I want to convey some personal thoughts here…

Famed author and artist, Michael D. O’Brien, graciously called the book "a gift of grace to the Church." I believe it is, not because I wrote it, but because it is a powerful and concise compilation of the authoritative prophetic voice of the Church. You can confidently give this book to a friend or family member and say, "Here—here is why the times we live in are extraordinary", and know that you are not giving to them yet another "end times" opinion or some moving, but unapproved private revelation, but the voice of the Magisterium. You will be giving them authoritative voices on our times.

This book began at a thousand pages, then was reduced to about 300. And then, while on a missionary trip in Vermont, USA, I heard the Lord tell me to "start over." So, I did. And what flowed was a picture that even I had never seen before, placing into context the apparitions over the past several centuries within the secular movements in society. The book leads you through the confrontation between the Woman (Mary/Church) with the serpent (Satan) up until our times. With commentary from the modern popes, we see coming into focus why our times are not only unique, but urgent. Urgent for us to convert; urgent for us to pray for souls; urgent for us to prepare for what Pope John Paul II calls "The Final Confrontation between the Church and the anti-Church, the Gospel and the anti-gospel…" I believe it is no longer speculation that we are living in the "end times"—not the end of the world—but the end of an era, which Christ predicted in Sacred Scripture, and which the church Fathers over the past century have plainly and at times bluntly indicated are here. This book lays out why it’s not extremist, fundamentalist, over-reactive or presumptuous to name our times for what they are. God isn’t sending His mother to earth for a nice visit, but as a prophetic last call in this time of mercy before the day of justice arrives…

I hope every one of you will be able to read this book, whether you buy it or borrow it. It is a summary of all my writings, and a foundation for everything which is here and coming. It is available on my website at (Are you a retailer? If you’d like to carry my book as well as music and devotional CD’s, contact More information specifically for retailers can be found on my website:

God bless you, and please pray for me as I will for you!


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