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Love God, Love One Another: "Love All I Send to You" by Rita Ring, April 30, 1994

Love All I Send to You

God's Blue Book III Cover

April 30, 1994

R. I do not pick the people He puts in my path. He puts people in my path and they may not be of my choosing. I must realize He is in charge of all things. He wants me to touch certain people. I do not get to pick whom He sends. Do they fit in my club? Then I will lead them to Christ.

He loves all of our brothers. He knows whom He wants us to touch. It is His Will, not mine. I am the empty vessel He uses.

Jesus: Let go, My child. Let it happen. Let Me use you as I desire. Do not close doors to people I send to you. I know far better than you who needs to be loved by Me through you. You size up the person. You will help this one, not talk to that one. No, no, My little ones. Be the empty vessel I use. Let it happen! Do not be in a huff to help him and not the old, thin lady. The old, thin lady is the one who needs My love this day. Did you say "no" when I sent her to you? I am asking for your surrender and your selflessness. I am asking you to be the empty vessel I use. I will send My beloved ones to you for My love. You must be open and love all your brothers. Get rid of your preconceived ideas. Look with the eyes of God. See in each child the precious creation

God, the Father loves his beloved Son Jesus Ch...

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of God the Father.

Pray for selflessness, little, beloved one. Oh, I want you to love for Me! Be open and ready to love all your brothers. I am Jesus, Son of the Living God. I live in you. Be My open door. Love for Me. They will never know My love if you love only those you choose. I know who needs Me. Open up, child. When I send you a beloved child of My Father, be ready and eager to love that child. Look with the eyes of God and see all My beloved ones. To My death I shed My blood for each and every soul. Who are you to criticize a creation of God the Father? When you love your brothers, short, tall, old, black, white, you love Me.

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