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Love God, Love One Another: "My Father Created Your Brother" by Rita Ring, April 27, 1994

My Father Created Your Brother

God's Blue Book III Cover

April 27, 1994

How much time do you waste, My child, sizing yourself up? Do you ask yourself how you are being admired by those around you? How much time do you spend worrying what others are thinking? Think of how you worry about how you are doing. Then you look at your brothers to see how you like them. How are they doing? Do you see them with human eyes or do you see them with My eyes? I do not see your hair. I do not see all the exterior things you think are so important. I see My beloved ones!

Do you see how your thoughts are being used for such unloving things? You do not have to size up your brothers. You need to love them. You waste your time when you could be loving My beloved ones. You do unloving things you do not even know.

My Father created you so special. See your specialness. Become selfless. Live only for love of God and love of one another. Such freedom! Your time is not your own. Why do you squander it so? Why do you think such senseless things are so important? I ask you for two things: love of God and love of one another.

I must be the center of your existence. All your moments must center around your love for Me. What do you think? What did he think? Who cares? Just focus on Me and My love. You are living to love Me. This earth is a transit place to another place. Do you not try, when you are on the bus, to do everything to reach your destination? This is not your destination. This is only the way you use to get to heaven. Keep always before your eyes your real goal. See the end as the end, not the moments you are living here.

I am the Way, the Truth, the Life. You follow My way, you live My truth. I give you life, not as this world wants life, but life eternal.

Do not waste your precious thoughts. Operate for love of Me. I am Jesus. I am your God. You must always focus on My love and love those whom I love. I love your brothers. Love them for Me. I loved them to My death.

I am your all. Come to Me and I will give you rest. Clean your heart of any impurities. Your heart must be pure in My ways. I want you holy like saints.

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