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Love God, Love One Another: "Strive for Oneness" by Rita Ring, May 4, 1994

Strive for Oneness

God's Blue Book III Cover

May 4, 1994 After Communion 7:10a.m.

Worship BG - We Are The Body of Christ

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R. We are one body, one body in Christ. We are one in Him. He is one in us. This is the intimacy we have with Jesus. We become intimate with each other in our oneness with each other as we are joined in Christ. He is the vine, we are the branches. All who live in Him will bear great fruit.

Jesus: Unite, My children, become one in Me. You must stay connected in My love. Strive for oneness. Satan is division. He wants to separate you. You cannot separate yourselves. We must be as one body.

Such intimacy you can achieve in Me! Strive for oneness with Me, and oneness with one another will follow. As you love Me, truly you, too, will love one another. Do not separate yourselves in any way from one another. Pray to be united, united in Me and My love. I died to bring you life. Stay one in Me and I in you. A body has many members. You must be one. Do not curse or shun one another. Be as your own body. You would not cut off your hand. The body functions when all its parts are working in harmony.

Unite, My beloved ones. Do not separate and hate each other. Love one another as I have loved you. I laid down My life, given freely for you.

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Love your brothers this way.

This life is so very short, here today, gone tomorrow. Nothing will be achieved if you separate. Love one another. Stay united in love. This is My command to you. All else is of no account. Love God, love one another, and My Father will bless you and I will come and dwell in your hearts!

I love you, My beloved ones. Strive after holiness. Just try, try to be as I have taught you. Strive after holiness, model yourself on My actions. In all things be Christ-like. Little ones, you make life hard for yourself. It is so simple: love, love, love!

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