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Love God, Love One Another: "Don't Judge the Father's Beautiful Creation" by Rita Ring, April 28, 1994

Don't Judge the Father's Beautiful Creation

God's Blue Book III Cover

April 28, 1994


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R. He said in church at Mass that, if I look at the exterior of my brothers and size them up, I am judging God the Father's beautiful creation. The person has nothing to do with his skin color, his height, his hair color, his whatever. He was created by God the Father as he is. Jesus died and shed His blood for each and every person. Who are we to decide we don't like what God the Father created?

He said (similar to the talents letter of Oct. 3, 1993) that we have nothing to do with our talents, that they are given by God to do the work He has planned for us. To be envious of our brothers is sinful. The message is so beautiful.

To look at someone and say, "Boy, what a big nose" is to criticize the Father's creation. We are to love God. If we are criticizing his creation, this is not good. He could have given us a nose that would be so big. I didn't have anything to do to get my nose. Who am I to be so proud that mine is better than yours when they were both created by the Father?

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