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Love God, Love One Another: "Do Not Worry" by Rita Ring, May 3, 1994

Do Not Worry

God's Blue Book III Cover

May 3, 1994 5:00a.m.

My dear child, what are you doing? Do not worry. Put all doubt aside and let Me comfort your heart. I am God. This lif

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e is very short. You do not focus on the things of this world.

Satan wants to get you focused on yourself always. Pray to be led by Me. Live for love of Me. Live only to draw all close to My Sacred Heart. Operate for love of your brothers. You will not become prideful or boastful if you constantly focus on bringing others close to Me. That is your goal, to draw others to My Sacred Heart, to tell them of My ardent love, to lead others to My arms. Your job is to promote the love of Jesus. Do not be smart in your speech. Be loving. Operate to draw others close to Me.

Do not be hurried. When someone approaches you, speak of My love. I am sending people to you. A few words from these letters can help a hurting soul. Do not focus on yourself at all. Focus totally on My letters to them. Love, love, love!

If you feel yourself getting irritated at your brother, pray for him and yourself. Pray to act Christ-like.

Do not be rushed. You are going nowhere. The love you give this day is all that matters. How did you preach the gospel in your being this day?

I am the Way. I am the Truth. I am the Life. I am your precious Jesus. Oh, how I love you, little one. Tell all how tender I am and how I wait for them and want to share Myself with them. I am the tenderest of hearts.

Madonna and Child with God the Father and Cherubim

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Mary is very close to you. She is so loving to her children! We are guarding your every move. Let go into the loving arms of Me and My mother. It is a fact that we are truly by your side, loving you and guarding you. Angels go where you walk. Pray to us constantly. We are always there.

Continue to focus on your union with Me. Pray the prayers, become selfless. You are not in this in any way to promote yourself. Constantly pray the Prayer for Union with Me. You must remain selfless or Satan moves in.

Let each day unfold. Do not be anxious. Let go. You are going nowhere. I am Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and I walk with you wherever you go. Feel My presence by your side, talk to Me, walk with Me. I am your best friend. Love Me, little one. I love you so and I want to be united to you. No human can be in union with you as I can. Let go and let it happen. Focus on Me and Me alone. You will love others when you are focused on Jesus. Love is from the heart. It is action. Do not hold back your emotions. Love Me, love your brothers!

God the Father

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Oh, how I love you, My sweet, little, beautiful children, created by My Father. You are His handiwork. Honor the creation the Father has made. Be loving to one another.

You are all His creations and I would die this day for your brothers. Guard your thoughts. Only think pure, loving thoughts. If you are troubled, pray. I will handle you and your problems. I love you so.

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