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Love God, Love One Another: "Vision of Mary" by Rita Ring, May 2, 1994

Vision of Mary

God's Blue Book III Cover

May 2, 1994

R. The tenderness of Mary, holding the baby Jesus! See her as she looks so affectionately on her beloved Son, her eyes cast down in such love at her precious baby! See her as she holds the body of her Son after his brutal death on the cross. He is her beloved Son, the same beautiful baby she held. Now she looks with such love on Him Whom she once cared for as a baby.

Such sorrow, her Heart in such pain to behold her Beloved One on her lap! Pain, so intense that her Heart is pierced with a sword. Oh, Mary, Mary, I love you so. I thank you for all you suffered for us. You suffer for our sins because of all of your love for us and Jesus. I am sorry that I have made your suffering so much harder.

You, oh Mary, you, beloved mother, you mother us as you mothered Jesus. You mother us as babies and you mother us when we are suffering.

Message from Mary:

I cry for you, my child in your darkness. I cry for the beloved ones of my Son, Jesus. Turn their hearts back to His love. He is suffering for love of those in darkness. Turn their hearts to His intimate love. I am your mother and I thank you for responding to my call.

R. I see that lifeless body of Christ as she holds Him. This has been going on for a month. She holds Him. That must be the optimum of suffering, to hold your lifeless child in your lap, brutally beaten and crucified for loving. He had done nothing. Was this one of Mary's crucifixions? She suffered so! What of her suffering, her steadfastness to behold Jesus, always by His side, watching and suffering? Does Mary suffer by our side as we ignore her and continue to go our way and neglect her Son? She sees her Son and knows how He gave His life. She knows how He suffered. She knows it all, yet she has come and appeared. She begs us to return to Him. What more can she do to draw us to her Son?

What more can He do? He, God, died this brutal death!

How Mary suffered for love of us and love of Jesus!

Mary calls us to her Son. The Lady is calling on behalf of her beloved Son. She suffered the brutal passion, she heard the blows, she walked the walk only by the grace of God. She calls us to her Son. Will we answer?

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