Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Love God, Love One Another: "Be Silent with Me" by Rita Ring, May 4, 1994

Be Silent with Me

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God's Blue Book III Cover

May 4, 1994

My beloved ones, I love you this day this way. I died for you. I want you to know how I am waiting for you, My most beloved ones, to come and sit with Me after Communion. Do not offend My aching Heart by leaving in such indifference and discussing the weather. You have a free will I gave to you freely. I can only beg you, but you do not listen. You want what you want. Nothing, nothing can compare to time spent with Jesus Christ, truly present in your heart after Communion.

Be with Me, stay with Me, be silent with Me. Read My letters on how I love you. I wait, I wait, I wait, I yearn, I long for you, My loved ones. Oh, please do not run! Such indifference! Sit with Me at least 20 minutes. Stay. I long for you, My beloved ones. I come to you. I enter your breast. I am God. I beg you. Your will is free. You do not hear because you do not want to hear Me, My cry coming to you. What can be more important than God in your breast? I will fill you with such gifts you will never know. Please stay with Me. Do not treat Me with such indifference. I love you so! Jesus.

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