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[MaryVitamin] St. Benedicta and Mental Prayer

Mary Vitamin for October 27th

Edith Stein

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St. Benedicta of the Cross

"No human eye can see what God does in the soul during hours of inner prayer."

The Hidden Life, (ICS Publications: 1992), 6.


My Ideal Jesus Son of Mary, a book written by Fr. Emil Neubert of the Marianists, teaches the reader to become transformed into Jesus by learning to think the thoughts and perform the actions of Mary. The book teaches the reader to be like Mary who pondered all these things in her heart. St. Maximilian Kolbe thought very highly of this book. In a letter he declared that My Ideal sums up the charism of his order.

 My Ideal is written in a conversational style. Mary and Jesus speak to the soul. The most important recommendation made in this book is to have a daily conversation with Jesus.

 My Ideal:

"Speak to Him directly, without any set formula of prayer. Tell Him in all simplicity what you are thinking, what you are feeling, and what you desire, just as you would speak to a brother or an intimate friend. Do not forget to unite yourself to me in these intimate conversations with Jesus. As yourself will find out, you will be less recollected, less at ease, less loving with Him, when you do not feel me near you."

Fr. Emil Neubert, SM, My Idea Jesus Son of  Mary, (Tan Books: 1988), 49.

 When reading the works of St. Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein) one has to believe that this Carmelite Martyr practiced conversational prayer with Jesus 

Köln (Cologne) - Memorial for Edith Stein deat...

Memorial for Edith Stein at Auschwitz. Image by jaime.silva via Flickr

unceasingly. She writes,

 "Our daily schedule ensures us of hours for solitary dialogue with the Lord, and these are the foundation of our life. Together with priests and other ancient orders of the church, we pray the Liturgy of the Hours, and this Divine Office is for us as for them our first and most sacred duty. But it is not for us the supporting ground. No human eye can see what God does in the soul during hours of inner prayer. It is grace upon grace. And all of life's other hours are our thanks for them."

The Hidden Life, (ICS Publications: 1992), 6.


Today, I will make time to have a conversation with the Lord even if it is a very short visit. In imitation of St. Benedicta of the Cross, I will offer my time of formal prayer (Rosary or breviary) as a thanksgiving for my time spent with the Lord.

 Marian Vow:

From My Ideal Jesus Son of Mary

"Offer her every one of your occupations, but do not reduce that offering to a mere formula. Do nothing but what she wishes, because she wishes it, and as she wishes it. Be on your guard lest your whims, your evil tendencies, your personal interests supplant your original intention. Above all, in the occupations which tend to absorb or trouble you, be careful to renounce all self-seeking, so that you may act only according to the intentions of Mary. Learn, little by little, to renew your offering during the course of your actions, even if only by a look."

Fr. Emil Neubert, SM, My Idea Jesus Son of  Mary, (Tan Books: 1988), 41.

 I give this resolution to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

 Thanks be to God for graces received.

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"May the Lord grant all your prayers!" (Psalm 20)
Deacon John

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