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The Solar Phenomenon at Fatima

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October 13, 2009  

(Psa 19:1-2) The heavens shew forth the glory of God, and the firmament declareth the work of his hands. Day to day uttereth speech, and night to night sheweth knowledge. 

FATHER HARDON: How Does the Solar Phenomenon Confirm the Message of Fatima?

It was no coincidence that the solar phenomenon at Fatima came only several months after the basic message of Fatima had been communicated to the children. The phenomenon had to have a purpose for its occurrence, and the message had to have a divine confirmation of its authenticity.

Fatima, 20's

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When the phenomenon occurred in October, it was witnessed by thousands of people, friendly and unfriendly, simple believers and professed skeptics, those disposed to believe Our Lady's message and others who were openly hostile to what the Blessed Virgin was reported to have said.

In God's providence the hostility of the skeptics was necessary to give rational grounds for believing what the children said the beautiful Lady was telling them. All the reports of those who witnessed the spectacle of the sun testify to their stupefaction at what they saw. No one, not even the most hardened agnostic, doubted that what he saw was a prodigy. This was necessary to provide the rational foundation for accepting, on faith, the Marian message of Fatima because of the solar event which everybody had to accept, as a fact, perceived by the senses.

Why, then, was the solar prodigy of Fatima necessary? It was necessary in order to satisfy our spontaneous need for giving rational credence to what Mary was telling Lucia, Francisco, and Jacinta. The children did not need the solar phenomenon to believe what Our Lady was telling them. But we do.

Miraculous Signs at National Blue Army Shrine

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It is not coincidental that Mary asked her Divine Son to work the miracle at Cana as the first of the signs performed by her Son. Immediately, we are told, his disciples believed in Him. She has been doing the same ever since. As God, He is master of the sun, moon and stars which He created. Her message at Fatima was to tell a sinful world to stop offending the Divine Majesty and to repent of their sins. As at Cana, she asked Jesus to work a miracle. At Cana, as the poet said, the water looked at its Maker and blushed. At Fatima the sun looked at its Maker and whirled in dazzling splendor to acknowledge its Creator.


The Miracle of the Sun
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HEADLINE: The 13th Day proves lucky for film-makers

A film partly made in Birmingham is clocking up a worldwide audience and attracting thousands of website hits a day. The 13th Day, which was edited in the city and tells the story of an alleged miracle at the end of the First World War, is drawing 9,000 hits a day to its website, after it was widely promoted in the US.

The film is based on the story of three children who claim to have experienced apparitions of a woman in 1917, resulting in what has become known as the Miracle of the Sun, where the sun was said to have been seen spinning towards the earth in Fatima, Portugal.

The film's producer, Natasha Howes, said: "We are overwhelmed at its success. Our most critical audience was the Christian one. We had a private viewing at the Sanctuary at Fatima, in Portugal, which has given its endorsement."

The 13th Day took three years to make with sound experts at the Audio Suite studios, in Digbeth, editing and mixing the soundtrack. The musical score was also created by Leamington composer Andy Guthrie.

The film was launched at a screening on Sunday, at Warwick Arts Centre, and is to be released on October 13 to the American market, followed up by a worldwide release around May 2010.

The Archbishop of Westminster, the Most Rev Vincent Nichols, a former Archbishop of Birmingham, welcomed the film. He said: "It is a moving presentation which vividly portrays the courage of the children."

Watch the trailer:

Ladder of Divine Ascent excerpt: Step 23- "On mad pride and unclean, blasphemous thought"

20. Even if we endure ten thousand deaths for Christ, even so we shall not repay all that is due. For the blood of God, and the blood of His servants are quite different, and here I mean the dignity and not the actual physical substance.   

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