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Love God, Love One Another: "Suffer for Me" by Rita Ring, May 10, 1994

Suffer for Me

God's Blue Book III Cover

May 10, 1994

Do not put the cross down. Do not complain. Sainthood is carrying the cross with a cheerful face. Your brothers will not comfort you and they will not give you your answers. Turn to Me, My beloved ones, in the silence. I am forever present. I know the workings of your hearts. I sanctify your souls. I am the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I ponder your ways with such love.

When you suffer, do not think you are alone. I am closest when you suffer. Turn to Me. I walk with you. You carry My cross with Me. Oh, how My Heart aches in your ailing brothers. They do not even know their ways. They curse one another and hate. They have lost all sense of God. Where will they see his love if you turn your back to Me? I need you to love. It is persecution to live in this world. Your brothers are in darkness. You are the light that shines in their dark souls. You can't put your cross down. You can't complain and feel downhearted. Satan is so glad when you are bowed down. You must trust in Me and My ways at every moment. Everything you experience I allow. Do not fight it. If Satan is bothering you, cast him out, but accept the crosses I send you.

Satan, You're Fired!

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Meditate on My Passion. I accepted My suffering. I was silent. I did not argue and try to prove Myself right. Peace is found in knowing God will take care of you. You may be suffering but He is allowing it. Accept it with great joy. Suffering is partaking in My life. My life was given for you. The way to Me is the way of the cross. Don't throw these powerful graces back in My face. Practice silence. Do not complain to your brothers. Come and complain to Me. If others notice your silence, pray to say only what is loving and what will draw them to God.

Your job, 24 hours a day, is to love and lead others to heaven. Nothing else matters. If you stop and judge yourself by the world's standards, you will be confused. Keep your eyes on Me.

Do not look at your brother and judge your actions by his. Judge your actions by My actions. I am the Master. I show you the way. I lead you down the path to everlasting life.

Let go, sweet one. I will hold you up when you are down. My suffering is a gift I give you. Don't complain. Say thank you. You will be strengthened and grow in your love of Me if you accept all I send you in peace.

The Candle

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I know exactly what you need. I ask you to suffer. I ask you not to ask why or give it back. I ask you to accept it and love it and love your brothers. This is My way. This is the only way. Where do you run from the Lord? If you go to the heavens, I am there. Wherever you go, I am there. You cannot run 

from Me.

You are the light that shines in the dark night. You are a candle set on a hill that shines to those who pass by. Let My light shine from you.

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