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Love God, Love One Another: "Your Tongue Is the Doorway to Holiness" by Rita Ring, May 12, 1994

Your Tongue Is the Doorway to Holiness

God's Blue Book III Cover

May 12, 1994 After Communion 8:45a.m.

Let you who are without sin cast the first stone. Control your tongue as the doorway to your soul. Your tongue is the doorway to holiness. I am Jesus. I am the Son of God. Harken to My words here for I speak and I speak clearly to you, My precious children. Satan will work in your minds to create hatred. He aims to destroy you and your peace of mind. You must come and be with Me, so close, after Communion. Be silent with Me. Let Me pour out My peace to you!

Guard your tongues. Guard your hearts. Guard your minds. You must think you are holy. Satan aims to trip you up. He uses your weakest link. He works in your minds to create dissension. I am speaking in your hearts. Come and be with Me. I fill you. You need to be in constant connectedness with Me. Love is the answer. You cannot love Me and hate your brother. I love your brother. I shed My life for him whom you hate. Your Father created him. His special creation! Open your hearts. Lay away your pride and your egos, focus on your goal to love God and draw your brothers to eternal life. You cannot do this alone. Satan is an evil force that aims to stop you. You are in a daily battle, little ones. Are you worn out at the end of the day? Fight the good fight. Your arms are your love of God and love for one another. You cannot love and hate at the same time.

Open up your hearts to My love. You need to be alone with Me. You need My supplies. You must constantly choose to love and not be angered at your brothers. Satan is pressing down on you who aim to spread My work. He works on the priests and sisters. He works in marriages. He works on children to annoy their parents. He works in your hearts and talks through your tongues. Be aware how strongly he is pressing on you, My faithful ones.

You must constantly silence him and choose to love your brother. He is not perfect and neither are you. It is your love that will bind you together. There is no room in your heart for hate. Hate and love cannot co-exist. A heart must be pure to love. Let go of all your anxieties. You have to come to Me. You cannot fight this battle alone.

No matter what your brother does, pray for him and love him and come to Me for your guidance. Do not talk about each other and make yourself right and them wrong. Pray and sacrifice. Satan is getting a strong hold on My faithful ones through anger in their hearts. Do not give in to pride and anger. Only love will do. Love one another as I have loved you.

Let go of your foolish anger and resentments. Love one another. I love you and I am present to you this very day. What more do you need when God loves you so much?

Forgive your brothers when you feel wronged. Pray to let go of your anger at one another. Pray to forgive. Do not talk about your brothers. Love them. Only in unity will you light the city. Love will flow from your hearts and My might will abound in your souls. I love you so!

R. I do not need to talk about anyone. Tell Jesus. He listens, He knows, He has all the answers! I do not need to tell anyone anything derogatory about anyone else. When I am making myself right and others wrong, I am missing a chance to spread God's love.

God is truly there and He will tend to all my cares. I must trust and love and have faith in Him. Amen. It doesn't matter what the world thinks if I focus on the immensity of His love.

Jesus: It is in this struggle that you realize the immensity of My love. Feel the flutter in your chest, the burning of My love deep within. I am here, little one, I am here. It is this struggle that I have given you this moment. You grow in your trials and our love is deepened. Your time is My time.

Do as I ask. Spread My love!

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