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Love God, Love One Another: "Where You Walk I Walk with You" by Rita Ring, May 7, 1994

Where You Walk I Walk with You

God's Blue Book III Cover

May 7, 1994 4:00a.m.

I am Jesus, I am the Son of God. I come and I write to you this day for My beloved ones. Time is short. Every word I write must be heeded. The souls of your suffering brothers are at stake. Nothing matters on the face of this earth except to love God and love each other. I am the Omega, I am your all. Every moment that you live, live to draw souls to Me. Think, "How will this action lead this soul to God?"

Be so loving and pure. Nothing here matters except how you lived to love Me and one another. I am truly with you this day. In the silence you feel My presence. When you listen to the silence, feel Me with you, close and right by your side. Where you walk I walk with you. I hold your hand. I comfort you. I make all things work.

Prayer of Confidence to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

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Sit you still and pray. Do not fret or fume. My hand is ever present. There is nothing that happens that I do not allow. It is in your trials that you are taught My mighty lessons.

Do not talk about your brothers and make yourself right. Live only to spread My love. If I tend to the lilies of the field, do you think I do not tend to you? I tend to every detail of your life. You answer to Me and Me alone. You fear no part of your life ever! I am tending to you minute by minute.

Oh, sweet one, not one thing matters but that you choose to know, love and serve Me. Your job is to draw others to My love. Keep forever before your eyes your brother going to heaven. In your actions, lead him to eternal life. He needs you to love in adversity. You do not worry for a thing. I watch your comings and your goings. I am forever vigilant and with you. Oh, little one, I love you so.

Treasure the moments you spend with your brother. Do not waste moments accounting events that displease you. I will tend to your every need. Do not ever show your concern and worry to your brothers. A person fixed on God is not complaining. He is still loving his brothers and silently praying for others who need prayers.

Practice holding your tongue. Satan wants you to spread a dark cloud. Spread the love of God always. In adversity spread His light to those you are with. Do not give in to rehashing events. In all things trust in Me. Give your problems to Me and know I will handle them and then be about the job of loving all.

You are so favored to have such precious children. Guard your moments with them as gems given as a gift from Me!

It is hard to put your concerns aside and trust in Me. Trust is a staircase that leads to holiness. Trust in all things and continue to be My light shining on all.

This world needs to be constantly illuminated by you. Do not give in to sadness or thoughts of making yourself right. Turn it over to Me and know I will take care of it.

Do not talk about your brothers. Control your tongue as the doorway to holiness. Trust in Me. Do not give in to any speech that does not promote love. You be at peace always. I am right by your side. You are never alone. I do not leave you for one second. I love you, My little one. Trust and let go and fall into the arms of Jesus. Be wrapped in My arms. My light surrounds you and you are My beautiful, loved ones.

Oh, how I love you!

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