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Love God, Love One Another: "Love Your Children" by Rita Ring, May 15, 1994

Love Your Children

God's Blue Book III Cover

May 15, 1994

Dear child, do not worry for I am ever beside you. I walk with you wherever you go. This life is but a passing moment, here today, gone tomorrow. Let go and surrender into My hands. I have work for you to do. Do it and let Me run the show.

What love you gave is all that lives. It lives in the hearts of all you touch. It is your kindness that is not forgotten.

It is your love that ripples to your children and brothers. Such needless tasks you perform, and deem so very important, and your children are left tended to by a sick television. You are responsible for your children.

I have given you them to be loved and directed. All your foolish endeavors, and the children are ignored. You are going nowhere fast. Do you want to race down a road that leads to a dead end? What a frustrating experience, to hurry, hurry, and then a dead end! How many of your jobs are really a race to a dead end?

How many of your jobs are willful jobs that you want accomplished but really serve no purpose? Did you set the goal and decide that you would do it and now you are going to carry it out to prove to yourself you need to do as you intended? Is it a useless task? What about your children? What about your role as a mother or father or spouse? How many goals do you plan that are totally useless, but you carry out as a law that should not be broken, while your family is ignored?

How you love God and love one another is all that matters. Useless tasks are soon washed up from the sea and laid lifeless on the beach. The life in your actions is how you treat each other. Love is life and it doesn't die. It is given and is acted out in the actions of others. Is it so hard to love or are you just performing needless tasks and are not in the habit of giving love?

Love lives forever. Love is never forgotten. Love given to your children is still given years later.Love is planted in the hearts as life! Love your children always. Love planted in children is a treasure. They are young and it remains so much longer. They will meet so many more people. America, love your children! They are thirsty for your love. They are given a cold world. They are given things and games and television and dreams and education and money. What happened to time in prayer? What happened, America, to love in their hearts?

Give the children the gift of God's love within you. Your answer, America, is in praying and playing with your children, not competitive sports to make you better, then not so good, but games to promote good, healthy feelings of friendship and love. Walk with your children. Tell them about God. Show them kindness. Show them peace. Give them time. How will you teach your children to have peace when you have none yourself?

You don't have time for them? What a seed to plant in their little hearts. Take time! Giving time develops their self esteem. Not having time robs them of their importance. Children need you. They need your love. They need your time. They need you to pray with them. If God gave you a child, it is His Will that you are a parent. Being a parent is a job.

I ask you, My beautiful parents, to take your job seriously. This is the most important job you have, being a parent! It is not second to what you think is important. You are giving life to a child. This life lasts forever. To teach them they are not worth your time is a sick lesson. I want you to love and spend time with My beloved little ones. Forget your crafts and picture shows, your games, all the little jobs you assign yourselves that must get done. You will be held accountable to God for how you raised your children. You are responsible for teaching your children about God.

My time is given to you to do My work. It is not your time at all. You have a free will. God will hold you accountable for how you spent your time. Time is a valuable asset. To squander it for yourself is wrong. God created you to know, love and serve Him. Are you using your life to do His Will?

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