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[MaryVitamin] cease complaining


Mary Vitamin for November 16th


Topic: Cease Complaining



Grandmother's Mother Cabrini Scapulae

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Mother Cabrini

"The true daughter of the Institute has no cross to carry, because the Mother takes care to carry the burdens of all."

Theodore Maynard, Too Small A World, (Bruce Publishing: 1945) 66.



"In the rules [Mother Cabrini] wrote: 'When they are not able, on account of illness, to attend to all the common practices, the religious should frequently raise their hearts to God, keeping united with Him and offering Him their sufferings without complaint.'"

Theodore Maynard, Too Small A World, (Bruce Publishing: 1945) 66.


Mother Cabrini at St. Peter & St. Paul San Fra...

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Complaining allows the enemy of the spiritual life a foot hold.


 "The moment we cease forming acts of virtue, our inclinations, naturally prone to ease and pleasures of the senses, raise in us disordered appetites which overthrow or at least weaken our virtuous habits. This is to say nothing of the loss, through such neglect, of countless graces which we might have merited by a constant application to our spiritual advancement."

Dom Lorenzo Scupoli, The Spiritual Combat (Tan Books:1990), 112.



Statue at Mother Cabrini Shrine

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Today I will take the advice of Mother Cabrini and turn to the Mother of Heaven who takes care of my burdens. One time today when tempted to complain, I will turn in prayer to Our Lady who is carrying my burden with me. I will not complain.


Marian Vow:

St. Maximilian Kolbe

"[W]e need a great deal of serenity in our approach, much peace and fullest confidence so that we do not needlessly fret!"

Will To Love  (Marytown Press0

I give this resolution to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Thanks be to God for graces received.

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