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[MaryVitamin] The Example of the Saints


Topic: The Example of the Saints
St. Pio of Pietrelcina
"Love Our Lady and make her loved."
Devotion to Our Lady, (Academy of the Immaculate: 2001), 112.
Author: :en:Fra Angelico Created: :en:15th Century

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Father Stefano Manelli, FI
"Love moves people to speak of the one they love. We know that the Church's greatest orators and writers have spoken, written, and sung Our Lady;s praises with tireless zeal and love. We may cite, for example, St. Ephrem, St. John Damascene, St. Bernard, St. Alphonsus Liguori. But there has not been a Saint and there will never be any true devotee of Mary who does not feel a need to share his love of Our Lady with others. In big ways or small, the true devotee does all that he can to accomplish this in accord with the inspirations and talents he has received."
Devotion to Our Lady, (Academy of the Immaculate: 2001), 112.
Today, I will pray for the opportunity to share my love of Our Lady with others, I will be particularly careful to cultivate joyful and pleasant demeanor. Who would want to hear of Our Lady from me if I am sullen, sour or impolite?
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Marian Vow:
Father Manelli
"In order to move souls to love Mary, St. Maximilian ventured to make great, self-effacing personal sacrifices. But he went ahead undaunted, carrying on with hard work and privation: fainting spells on the train, having to celebrate Mass while supported by two friars, repeatedly coughing up blood, becoming emaciated, even proving himself unpopular with certain persons. He never stopped. His love for the Immaculate would not let him rest from his feverish activity."
Devotion to Our Lady, (Academy of the Immaculate: 2001), 114.
I give this resolution to the Blessed Virgin Mary.
Thanks be to God for graces received.




"May the Lord grant all your prayers!" (Psalm 20)
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