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[MaryVitamin] first virtue

Mary Vitamin for November 10th
Topic: The First Virtue
St. John Eudes
"[The Blessed Virgin Mary] was so humble that she regarded and treated herself as the least of creatures. She told St. Mechtilde that the first virtue she had practiced was humility."
The Wondrous Childhood of the Most Holy Mother of God, (PCP Publications), 24
St. Maximilian Kolbe Mosiac

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Some notes made by St. Maximilian Kolbe while on retreat regarding humility:
"If you consider another superior to yourself then:
a) You will converse with him with more calm.
b) You will never insult him in words, nor do anything to displease him; you will not suspect him.
c) It will be easy for you to accept a harsh or disrespectful word from him.
Willingly accept every opportunity for humbling yourself.
Don't be offended at
a) a harsh word
b) an imperious tone of voice,
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c) not being respected as much as you would like to be.

Humility is the foundation of the virtues."
Fr. Anselm W. Romb, OFM Conv. Ed.,  The Kolbe Reader, (Marytown Press), 4.
St. Maximilian gives many concrete examples of how to practice humility during the day in imitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Today, I will consider those around me as superior to myself in imitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
Marian Vow:
St. Maximilian Kolbe
"Be recollected: whoever pours himself out on exterior things quickly loses the graces he has acquired. A full jewel box is always kept closed."
Fr. Anselm W. Romb, OFM Conv. Ed.,  The Kolbe Reader, (Marytown Press), 3.
I give this resolution to the Blessed Virgin Mary.
Thanks be to God for graces received.

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