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[MaryVitamin] Mother Cabrini


Mary Vitamin for November 13th


Topic: Mother Cabrini

Feast November 13



Mother Cabrini

"Our foundress is the Mother of Grace; our Master, the Heart of Jesus; St. Francis de Sales is our manager; and St. Francis Xavier, our Provider."

Theodore Maynard, Too Small A World, (Bruce Publishing: 1945) 50.


Great were the corporal and spiritual works of mercy accomplished by the Italian Immigrant to America, St. Frances Xavier Cabrini. She began orphanages which grew into schools for women. Hospitals sprouted as a result of her contact with the sick. By the end of her life she had established 67 institutions to serve the poor.  She travelled to where ever she was needed from New York to Colorado and even to South America.  She inspired women with her personal holiness to join the order she founded,   the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart. 


Throughout her life she was the Mother of her order. Yet when asked if she was the foundress, she didn’t offer the expected response. Instead, she gave all the honor and credit to the Blessed Virgin Mary.



Do I consider Our Lady as the foundress of my vocation? Of my life's work? In imitation of Mother Cabrini's Marian devotion, I will renew my consecration to Our Lady and ask her to be the foundress of my activities, duties, obligations, and responsibilities. May my efforts flourish in the way St. Francis Xavier Cabrini's endeavors flourished.


Marian Vow:

Pope St. Pius X

"But Mary, as St. Bernard justly remarks, is the channel or, if you will, the connecting portion the function of which is to join the body to the head and to transmit to the body the influences and volitions of the head--We mean the neck. Yes, says St. Bernardine of Sienna, 'she is the neck of Our Head, by which He communicates to His mystical body all spiritual gifts.'"

Encyclical on the Immaculate Conception

I give this resolution to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Thanks be to God for graces received.

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