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Tribulation Times


November 20, 2009  

(1Ma 2:19-22) Then Mathathias answered, and said with a loud voice: Although all nations obey king Antiochus, so as to depart every man from the service of the law of his fathers, and consent to his commandments: I and my sons, and my brethren will obey the law of our fathers. God be merciful unto us: it is not profitable for us to forsake the law, and the justices of God: We will not hearken to the words of king Antiochus, neither will we sacrifice and transgress the commandments of our law, to go another way. 

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Axelrod Signals Obama Will Try to Strip Abortion Language From Health Care Bill
ACLJ Represents 44 Members of Congress in Asking Court to Uphold National Motto and Pledge of Allegiance Displays at Capitol Visitor Center

US Supreme Court Refuses Suit from Valedictorian Prevented from Sharing Her Faith

Joseph: After reading the Population Research Institute's comments on the bizarre Optimum Population Trust ( , I just had to reflect on the current times.

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We have politicians, both Republican and Democratic misleading us to extinction.
A birthrate must be at least 2.1 per couple or else you begin to decrease to nothing.
Europe is disappearing.We do not trust in 'God's Go forth and multiply'.

Natural Law is ignored.

Marriage can be between a man and a frog.
Man and Woman, well, that's old fashioned.

If we object to bizarre life styles we are accused of Hate Crimes.

We believe that man affects the weather and that fewer of us is better.
We believe that we are creating global warming when the evidence is clear that eons ago there were farms in Iceland and Greenland and Glaciers in Ohio.

Blaise Pascal argued that if reason cannot be ...

Blaise Pascal said that if reason cannot be trusted, it is a better "bet" to believe in God than not to do so. Image via Wikipedia

We believe we can manipulate God given seeds to become disease resistant and at the same time sterile for future use. Look at the poor farmers in India that can no longer save their seeds for next year (because of Monsanto and Dow Chemicals GMO death seeds) and the farmers can not afford to buy more.

Man now believes that he controls Life, Health, and Death.
Abortion! Cancer, Heart Disease, Big Drug, Big Farm, Big Gov.

We want a treaty on climate change so that we may have One World Government.

It is clear to me that our health is a function of what we eat, Not the medicines we take that more often do not cure, but, leave us with side effects more severe than if we did not take them.

There are cures and preventatives for Heart Disease and Cancer.
And there are M.D.s , Dr. Weir, Dr. Whitaker, as well as Natural Practitioners that do not always need Big Drug to cure.

So please pray that there is a return to God, before He tires of our shenanigans and brings us back to our knees or cave man days.

Ladder of Divine Ascent excerpt: Step 24- "On meekness, simplicity and guilelessness"

10. A gentle soul retains words of wisdom, for the Lord will guide the meek in judgment (Ps. 24:9), or rather, in discretion.   

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