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Love God, Love One Another: "Mary, Lead Us to Your Son" by Rita Ring


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Mary, Lead Us to Your Son

God's Blue Book III Cover

June 25, 1994

R. It is Mary who held her Son so tenderly.
It is Mary who saw it all with her eyes.

It is Mary who held the lifeless body of Christ.

It is Mary, so united to Jesus, who knows Him so well, who will
lead us to Jesus.
I can't do it on my own. I need Mary.

She wants to lead us to her Son.

Prepare ye a way for her Son.

As she delivered Him, she delivers us to Him now.

With ardent devotion, she gives us to Him now.

Mary speaks:

Behold my Son, I bore for love of you, my child, out of such love, through the Holy Spirit. Through me and the Holy Spirit, He was conceived by the Will of the Father for love, such love for you, my beloved children. You are my very own children, too. I beg you, as your mother, to return to my precious Son. Go to Him, little ones. He loves you so. Go to the Eucharist. Receive and eat His Body and His Blood, given for you. Oh, such love for you. You give yourself with Him to the Father. What a sacrifice of love! Go to Mass, receive Him in the Eucharist, the bread of life.

Jesus speaks:

I give you My body, I give you My blood, I give you My life!

R. I am called by you, Mary, to spread the love of your Son. I answer this call, Mary.

Mary speaks:

I am calling you, I am calling you.

R. She is calling us to the Eucharist, to Jesus. He is here with us now. He gives us His body. He shows us signs. He gave His life, we want more. Where is the faith? He was right in the boat and they thought they would drown. He is right in our midst and it is we who do not see Him in our hearts.

We want it our way, not His way. The lesson we must learn about the True Presence is that we do not see but believe it is truly Jesus. "Where you were blind, you now see. Blessed is he who has not seen and has believed." The way to God is through faith.

One of the lessons of the True Presence is that we believe, but do not see.

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