Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Prayers needed for local priest in Wisconsin:

I just opened this and do not know how Father Mike is doing as of now.  Please do pray for him.  God Bless you and thank you!  Tom and Mary

Fr. Mike O’Rourke, Pastor of St. Mary Parish in Appleton WI needs your prayers.


He slipped on his driveway last night and hit his head, knocking him unconscious. He was found by the Deacon the next morning (he was laying in his driveway all evening). When he was finally found, his body temp was 90, and he has a severe skull fracture.  He had surgery this morning, and is now in ICU, where they are attempting to stabilize him.  At this point, his condition is critical and he needs the prayers of everyone available.  Thanks for your help; we pray that God delivers Fr. Mike back to us with a full recovery.


God bless Fr. Mike! 


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