Monday, June 14, 2010

The Love of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary: "Will You Pray for Me?" by Rita Ring

August 13, 1994

10:00 p.m.

Title:  Will You Pray for Me?

 R. There are so many souls to pray for: souls who are sinning and need to turn to Jesus and Mary, souls in purgatory that are suffering that have no one to pray for them, for innocent children who are victimized and do not know Jesus and Mary and their love, for all those who do not hear about Jesus and His love or close their hearts and do not hear. These are only a few people that I need to pray for. I must offer up my all, all my joys and sufferings in union with the Mass all over the world for all the intentions of Mary and Jesus' Hearts. What a loss, to not offer up my everything in union with the Mass in the morning offering, to make my living a sacrifice (offering) for the intentions of Mary and Jesus in union with the Mass.

    So many people come to me and ask me to pray for them.

If I offer my whole day up with the Mass going on all over the world, all day - what a prayer! I love Jesus so much, He is beautiful. We are so favored to know of His love for us! This is the greatest gift there is, to know Jesus, know God and know Jesus and Mary love us! Mary is our loving Mother, always at our side. We are grateful heirs to His Kingdom if we know, love and serve Him and keep His commandments. I love You, Jesus, You are the greatest!

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