Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bishop notes that vasectomies and tubal ligations are mutilations of the body :: Catholic News Agency (CNA

Bogot�, Colombia, Oct 27, 2010 / 06:09 pm (CNA).- The Secretary General of the Bishops� Conference of Colombia reminded Catholics this week that sterilization procedures are mutilations of the body. He added that the Catholic Church opposes this anti-life practice.

Speaking to the Associated Press, Bishop Juan Vicente Cordoba of the bishops' conference rejected a new law that allows Colombians to undergo vasectomies and tubal ligations free of charge in public and private hospitals.

The bishop explained that such practices constitute �mutilations of the body, and the body must be respected.� He said that undergoing the procedures to avoid pregnancy or to have a more �uninhibited and guilt-free sex life� is immoral. 

Colombians, he concluded, need to have a greater understanding of the importance of responsible parenthood.

This important Church teaching should be proclaimed everywhere, not only in Columbia. God's blessings on this brave bishop for doing so! I always have a heavy heart when I am told by someone that they had their "tubes tied!" If they knew the Church teaching on this mutilation, maybe they would not have done it in the first place!
Deacon John

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