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Children of Medjugorje, Newsletter of October 15, 2010



October 15, 2010



Dear children of Medjugorje

, praise be to Jesus and Mary!

1 - On October 2, Mirjana had her monthly apparition at the Blue Cross, surrounded by a great crowd made up mostly of Italian pilgrims! After the apparition, she gave us the following message:

“Dear children! Today I call you to a humble, my children, humble devotion. Your hearts need to be just. May your crosses be your means in the battle against the sins of the present time. May your weapon be patience and boundless love - a love that knows to wait and which will make you capable of recognizing God's signs - that your life, by humble love, may show the truth to all those who seek it in the darkness of lies. My children, my apostles, help me to open the paths to my Son. Once again I call you to pray for your shepherds. Alongside them, I will triumph. Thank you.”

2 – More babies?  Quite often, couples who previously could not have children return to Medjugorje with a child in their arms, in order to thank Jesus and Mary. They have simply followed the advice of visionary Marija, who always says, “Rare are the couples without children who do not conceive a child after they climb Mount Krizevac TOGETHER and ask for a child TOGETHER on their knees at the foot of the Cross!” It is important for the spouses to be together.  Of course, there is nothing automatic with God, nothing magic. But places of special grace exist and Mt. Krizevac has often proved to be one of them! 

Recently, an Italian couple came in thanksgiving, after five years of unsuccessful waiting. They asked to be graced with a child at the foot of Cross Mountain, and they had twins within a year! Here is an idea for suffering couples: there may be babies prepared for you in Heaven. Why not seek in this direction? Come, don’t wait

3 – The child and his mother.  A young 2-year-old came to spend a week in our house with his parents. A detail of his behavior gave me a profound teaching on what Our Lady is doing for her children in Medjugorje and for each one of us in particular.

Little Francesco is just starting to talk.  It takes a trained ear to understand what he is trying to say (this does not stop him, as the good Italian that he is, from saying very, very much)!

His mother is very often with him, and whatever the activity (meal, bath, walk, various conversations, etc.), the little one constantly repeats the same word; “Mamma!” And. each time the mother is called, she answers gently, “Amore!” Then Francesco, comforted and made secure by this answer, continues his little activity in peace before repeating his call for love as many times as his heart demands.

What a wonderful example of unceasing prayer from the heart, such as Our Lady recommends in her messages!  The point is not to rattle off nice phrases, recite long prayers. Rather, it is to simply be connected with Mary’s maternal and unfailing presence, and to express little signs of communion. Before even being able to reflect, the little one intuitively knows he has a mother and that she loves him. He enjoys hearing a thousand times a day this word, ‘amore’, so as to be comforted and reassured by it a little more each time. This loving connection fills him with a new sense of peace, and reaffirms the deep harmony of self that the Creator placed within him. In the same way the Mother of God, our Mother, feeds us drop by drop with her maternal milk when we welcome her dearly and cling to her with all our hearts. Thus she restores our deepest being, she allows us to grow harmoniously, and she allows us to become the saints God plans for us to be.

Thank you, little Francesco! When you grow up, keep this good habit!  Don’t quit!  Keep on saying “Mamma!” often, because your Mother of Heaven has magnificent treasures for you and she dreams of giving them to you! She will never get tired of your calls; she will always be tied to you and will know how to fill your basic thirst for love, your vital thirst for love.

Mary is looking for thousands of little Francesco’s. She needs them to heal the world from emptiness, and to tell each one of her children,” No, you are not an orphan, I am here!”

4 – The experience of the miners in Chile is a beautiful illustration of the way the modern man treats himself. The workers who came out of the heart of the earth alive are no longer the ones who went down underground. They are changed, marked for life. They will never be the same again. Totally cut off from the world and all it’s false security, their lives suddenly became quite a different reality. Imagine being thrown out of your daily routines, removed from all entertainment and human environment, and left to the most drastic form of poverty. That is what happened to these men as they stared death in the face. They retreated deep within themselves. Those endless weeks of confinement, night, want and fear allowed them to concentrate on the real questions about life, about God, on what is beyond the veil and the last destiny of man. After their incredible entrance into the light, they gave very moving witnesses. Their inner experiences were as intense as the night that held them captives. Not one of them became a worse person; in contrast, most of them felt the urge to change the direction of their lives and to reconcile with God, each one in his own way.

I just came back from a long mission in Spain (Sevilla, Madrid, Barcelona, Zaragoza, Valencia, Estepona and Mucia) and a short mission in Italy (Monza and Genova). Everywhere I am struck to see how man imposes sufferings on himself, by living at the surface of his being, a prisoner of the tangible world with its noise, stress, the race of having and doing. He is so caught up in materialism that he forgets that he has a soul. He is an anorexic of the soul. The most splendid regions of his being are starving. He has lost his direction and forgotten that his eternity is at hand. The miners in Chile suffered a lot, but God gave them a great gift: they were able to understand for the rest of their days that the essential is invisible to the eyes, because during their long deprivation, they made an extraordinary voyage inside themselves. Their souls have been touched! They have become true explorers of the depths!

 How will God allow modern man to come back to wisdom? That is His secret. The Gospa has been working on it for 30 years, and she has already obtained wonderful fruits. But we need to pray much more!

 “Without my Son”, she says, “you have no joy, no peace, no future, and no eternal life” (25.07.10).  

 “My children, do not let yourselves be deceived by terrestrial goods. Think of the soul, for it is more important than the body. Purify it! Invoke the Father, He is waiting for you; come back to Him!” (Nov. 2. 09)


Dearest Gospa, how many rosaries have been prayed for your 33 sons in Chile?   During this month of October, help us to seize more often this cord with knots that is the Rosary, to give up our prisons and lift us up to the never fading Light, your Son!

                                                                                                                        Sister Emmanuel +


(translated from French)


Nota Bene: On September 23, visionaries Ivan and Marija were invited to pray and to speak in the Cathedral of Vienna (Austria) filled to the brim for the occasion. After sharing their experiences, they prayed a rosary with the congregation and they received their daily apparition of Our Lady at 6:40 pm in the presence of all. Then, a Mass presided by Cardinal Christophe Schönborn was concelebrated by about 40 priests, followed by a time of Adoration. Cardinal Schönborn then carried the Blessed Sacrament into the crowd and blessed everyone with Jesus in the monstrance. Ivan and Marija spoke with simplicity as usual, and here are a few extracts of Ivan’s words that we may make our own:

“May this night be the beginning of a spiritual renewal for all of us.  When we go home, may we live this time of responsibility by taking responsibility for the messages.  Pray for peace with the Queen of Peace, peace in the family and holiness in the family.  Pray with the Queen of Peace for the Church, for priests and vocations.  Jesus often said, ‘Be not afraid.’  Our Lady repeats, ‘Be not afraid, dear children!’  Let us decide for God.  Put Him first in your life.  Walk with Him into the future in peace, love and forgiveness.  Thank you!"

That night, during the apparition, Our Lady also encouraged us all to be her missionaries and to bring the Good News to the world. We are very grateful to Cardinal Schönborn for his warm openness to Medjugorje and for the initiatives he undertakes in this regard.

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