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Written by "Anne," a Lay Apostle   

"Anne" has received permission from her local ordinary, Bishop Leo O'Reilly, Bishop of Kilmore, Ireland, for the spreading of her messages, and has also submitted all her writings to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (see article, "Discernment of Lay Apostolate of Jesus Christ the Returning King," Marian Private Revelation section). – Asst. Ed.
August 11, 2005
During exercise Joint Resolve 26, in Bosnia an...
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I direct these words today to soldiers, in every army, in every difficulty. Dear soldiers, I am with you. You find yourself in the most dreadful circumstances and often you fear for your soul. I am with you. I have the greatest graces available to you so that you can walk through your days with Me, Jesus. I see each decision you make and I understand that you are working under obedience to your superior. I am familiar with obedience. As you recall, it led Me to the cross. Sometimes on earth, My children find themselves faced with situations that I never intended for a soul. All heavenly grace is with you, I assure you. This is what I am asking of you. Offer each day to Me. Pray for everyone you encounter in your day. Offer Me short prayers such as an act of sorrow if you are engaged in a battle where others are facing their deaths. Ask Me for forgiveness for every soul whose life is in danger. Ask Me to convert the hearts of those who are cold and those who are in a state of grave sin. Do you see that if you help Me with this, I can come into even the most horrid man-created situations with My healing grace?
Dear soldier, if you are coming to Me, you have nothing to fear. Do not be afraid of death. If you are one of My friends, one of My apostles, and you must know that I consider you this way, you should have great joy and peace, despite your surroundings. I have the most abundant graces available for soldiers everywhere. Many of these graces have been obtained by your family members, who pray constantly for your safety. There are more angels and saints on a battlefield than you can imagine. Now be at peace and never think that I have left you because you are compelled to participate in a war.

St. Augustine
My friends, we come to you in this way because you are being asked to b
Saint Augustine of Hippo
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ehave in a manner that could be considered contrary to your faith. Blessed are the peace-makers. This is a true statement. And yet, you are confronted with war. Look through the past and you will see that history is dotted with wars. Jesus did not disappear or avert His gaze during these wars. On the contrary, how lovingly Jesus ministered to the souls caught up in these explosions of evil. There are many special graces for the souls who become immersed in such upheaval. You feel this to be true, I know. You see, there is great opportunity for holiness in these situations because you are forced to rely on Christ. When a man faces each morning without a reasonable expectation of living through the day, that man must contemplate God. The man looks away from the world, in his soul, and wonders what the next world will hold for him. Jesus never passes up this opportunity. Your soul is transparent to us in that we wait for just such an opening. Heaven then rushes in and creates a wedge to keep your soul open. We, the saints, then obtain many blessings for you which can flow into the opening. Now there can be situations during war where the devil seeks to persuade the soul that God is not present and that the soul is condemned, given the actions that men are brought to during battle. This is not true. Jesus understands battle because Jesus understands everything. Jesus does not will war. This is contrary to heaven, always. However, there is a time when man must stand up against evil and that creates conflict. Again, heaven knows everything. You may wonder where you are in this war or that battle. I can only tell you that Jesus is with you. I could say it one hundred times, my friend, because this statement is such a blanket on everything we are trying to teach you. Jesus loves you. You are special to Him. He created you to serve heaven. He is sorry that you are in a situation that causes you distress. Jesus is with you. Jesus will never leave you.
St. Augustine
There is often a lack of justice on earth. Expect this. If you expect justice on earth you will be disappointed and embittered. A man of God, an apostle of Jesus Christ, should never become bitter. Jesus does not want this for you. If you are becoming bitter, you must spend more time with Jesus in your soul. You should never separate from Him, my friend, because bitterness and hardness of heart can come from great pain. Any man who has experienced war has viewed injustice. There is no justice in a child of God being slaughtered, whatever the reason. And yet, in war, this happens daily. Should you become bitter because of this? No. If you are bitter, you are hurt. Bring the hurt to Jesus so that He can heal it as you go. It will be more difficult if you leave it all to build up. Jesus makes all things right. So when you view injustice in your soldiering, ask Jesus to make it just in heaven. He will do so. This is what He does, so He will hear your prayer and your request will add to the graces He lavishes upon those who are victims of injustice. Remember that most men are doing the best they can, given the circumstances in which they find themselves. Do not judge others. Why would you judge when you have Jesus alongside you to do that? It would be like thinking you can do a better job than God and I know you do not think like this. So let Jesus judge and do the best you can to bring Him into each situation. My dear friend, my fellow apostle, Jesus knows you do not want to hurt others. Jesus knows this. He knows you are often afraid and that you want to serve heaven. We are all with you in this. Heaven sees your anguish and feels the anguish of everyone around you, friend and enemy alike. Be more trusting than you have ever been in your life because Jesus will bring good, even from the bloodiest battle.
St. Augustine
A good follower of Christ always considers their death. And so we will consider your death, dear soldier. You are trained to live in a certain way. This is so that you will perform appropriately in situations where you are called to perform. So how does a follower of Jesus Christ prepare to die? Well, I must say that you should practice. Consider for a moment what will happen when you die. Your soul will leave your body and Jesus will be there. You will be brought into the Light of Christ and the fellowship of those souls who have gone before you. Will you be afraid? Perhaps before you die, you will feel fear. This is normal. Accept this fear as your humanity rebelling against change. Pray at this time. Say "Jesus, I am sorry for my sins. Please forgive me for any sins I have committed. Jesus, I trust in you." Practice this, dear soldier. Say it often during your days. You are walking with Jesus, as we said, so do not be afraid to talk to Him. Tell Him you are practicing for a peaceful death. He will applaud this exercise and bring great graces of peace to you through it. This is heavenly training and makes you a seasoned companion of Jesus. Do not fear death. It will be glorious for you. It is a happy time for a friend of God. You will experience this and you will say, St. Augustine was right. Truly he is my friend. Ask me for assistance, please, at any time. I will begin immediately to secure graces for you. I want to help soldiers learn about Jesus so that they can face their struggles with all of heaven at their side. Your soul must be protected, especially when your body is at risk.
St. Augustine
Every human on the earth will die. This is a great Truth. It will not change. So you are no different than another man. Every apostle of Jesus Christ is called upon to live the Gospel message of love. You are no different than any other apostle. So how can you live the Gospel? Offer Jesus your day and let Him show you. You can bring His love and encouragement to those around you. Many are in pain and spiritual darkness because they do not have His love. They have rejected Him or they do not feel worthy to ask Jesus to walk with them. Which man can say he is worthy? Certainly not I, the man who speaks to you today. And yet, I am in heaven and I am considered one of His friends. I assure you, He considers you in this way, also, and your comrade who serves in darkness is also one of heaven's treasures. Perhaps this man needs you to bring Jesus to Him. Perhaps he needs you to pull him into the light. That is only one way you can live the Gospel. Be patient in your struggles and inconveniences. Offer them to Jesus. Jesus died for you so you must live for Him. You can do that in every little circumstance of your day. You can do it in hunger and cold, in fear and thirst. You can do it in loneliness especially because Jesus felt great loneliness on earth. All of these things make worthy offerings to your King. You will offer Jesus these things and ask Him to protect and convert your loved ones. He will do so. It is a mutual relationship in that you are offering something to Jesus and He is repaying you in magnificent ways that you can only begin to imagine and appreciate. Do you see that if we bring these words to others we will change the face of even war? Instead of an explosion of evil, we will have holy martyrs who have given Jesus everything, even their lives. I have told you that Jesus can bring good from everything. When I lived on the earth, I had only the barest understanding of that statement. From this, the heavenly view, I now see the extent to which Jesus will act to turn bad things to good. So be joyful, my friend. You walk in the company of heaven.
St. Augustine
I am going to begin a special prayer right now. I am asking Jesus to give you a small glimpse of the joy that awaits you in heaven. I am asking Jesus to grant this to you because I want you to be filled with hope and peace. When you experience the smallest taste of this joy, you walk differently through each moment. Sit quietly as Jesus places this in your heart. You know He is with you. You feel Him in your soul. Ask Him to come into your soul and remain with you. Jesus, in His mercy and love, will not refuse such an invitation. If you have worries about acts you have committed, tell Jesus you are sorry for having offended Him and then confess these things if you can. Receive His forgiveness and then walk away from these sins. Jesus does not want you to be saddened by the past. He wants you to be joyful about the future and peaceful in the present. There is nothing for you to fear. Heaven awaits you. While you remain on earth, waiting for the heavenly summons, try to bring as many souls to Jesus as possible, even if only in the silence of your heart. This makes Him so happy, my friend. Each apostle has certain little ways he can serve in each day. These opportunities to serve heaven bring Jesus back into the world. If we have more apostles, the return of Jesus will come sooner and more powerfully. The suffering will be of shorter duration. Someone cared enough about you to give you this heavenly encouragement. Do the same for someone else. Bring us to earth each day, all day. All of heaven will rejoice as you seek our help. This shows God the Father that the souls on earth have not rejected Him. This shows our God that souls on earth love Him and seek Him and desire His help. God will reward you as He rewards each loyal apostle. The earth will become lighter and lighter as the darkness recedes. Now I am with you and I love you. Ask me to obtain great courage for you and I will. Ask me for any kind of help you need. I will get it for you.
The Blessed Mother

My sons, my daughters, you are soldiers on the earth. I understand. But you are also my little children and I love you. A mother rejects any suffering for her children, and yet, a mother knows that suffering will come to them. Remember that I am with you, as all of heaven is with you. Speak to us often and we will help you to make decisions. I can help to bring you to Jesus in your soul. This is what I do best because nobody knows the heart of a son like a mother. Jesus is all good. He is all love. He is filled with forgiveness. You must never think that you cannot approach Him because you are sinful. All men are sinful, but Jesus forgives. Heaven would be empty if this were not true and yet heaven is filled with men and women, just like you, who are filled with happiness and peace. You will be here one day, also, and I will be delighted to have you home safely. Now, you are heavenly soldiers, also, so do not forget Jesus. You were placed on the earth, exactly where you are right now, to serve heaven, if only in your suffering. Place your hand in mine and I will bring you to God. I will say, Father, look upon this little apostle with great love, as I do. How will God respond to us? What will He say? He will say, "Mary, place this apostle here, in My heart, never to be separated from Me again."

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