Monday, October 25, 2010

Mary TV Daily Reflection 10/25/2010

October 25, 2010

Dear Family of Mary!

"Dear children, if you live the messages, you are living the seeds of holiness." (October 10, 1985)

Later today Our Lady will give us another message through Marija.  As we wait with love for her words, let's listen to Marija talk about the messages (taken from her testimony in Vienna on September 23, 2010): 

Christian (the emcee for the evening):  Maria, it seems to me that Our Lady asked you to give certain messages to the world.  On the third day you had the words, "Peace, peace, peace between God and man.  Peace must reign again."  And then from March 1984 onwards, the messages were given to the parish of Medjugorje.  I remember when I heard about it I was so happy.  I rejoiced that a parish would be guided through weekly messages given every Thursday evening and then, since January 1987, on the 25th day of every month.  I reflected a lot about it.  Why not an order, why not a charismatic group?  Why a whole parish?  And the Mother of God always speaks to this parish in the words, "Dear Children."  She speaks about the program, the path she wishes to walk with us.  Can you tell us something about that path?


Marija:  "Since the beginning of the apparitions, when Our Lady began to give messages, imagine the shock and surprise of all the people, of our families and of ourselves!  Imagine the surprise of all!  We began to live what Our Lady wanted us to live.  Like Ivan said, we were always praying in the families.  The Rosary was always the prayer of our grandmothers.  It was the big desire in us to be closer to Our Lady.  This joy we couldn't describe to the others.  The first days there was surprise, there was fear, and slowly but surely, joy came in.  There was a euphoria, a joy, and that joy took the whole parish!  And we started to ask, we wanted to do more, what does Our Lady want?  We want to make Our Lady happy!  Our happiness is when Our Lady is happy!  

"Our Lady began to guide us seriously, full of joy, first us visionaries, and then the parish. And then she began to guide us through messages.  They were simple messages, but deep, and they asked a lot of us.  She didn't want us to talk and chat, but she wanted us to live, to put her messages into practice.  To practice, so that we decide for conversion.  Our Lady wanted us to stop living as we used to, and to start living a new life.  She began to call us onto the path of holiness.  We didn't understand in the beginning.  We thought that holiness was a call for priests, a special call, a calling.  But slowly but surely, Our Lady entered deeply into our hearts.  She asked us to begin to pray, that our prayer would be joy.  

"We were young children, but at the same time Our Lady's joy and her youthfulness made us feel a new joy in our own hearts and gave them new strength to start again and again to do what she asked us to do.  The whole parish became a joyful parish.  We wanted Our Lady to ask of us more and more and we wished to practice it.  We began to pray day and night.  In the beginning it was very hard.  But we remembered that we were children.  We had felt it, that Our Lady's presence was a gift for all of us.  And that remained to guide us into a new life.  A life of joy!

"And that is why she began to give messages to the parish every Thursday.  She told us to help one another, and to motivate, so that we would grow on the path of holiness.  The word holiness was very far away from us.  But the beauty of Our Lady, her presence, her beauty, her love, her touching, that was our joy, as well as her voice.  And in all that we did, all that she asked us to do, there was a great challenge, to be her joy.  So every sacrifice didn't cost us much because we did it with joy!  Our Lady motivated us and urged us and asked us to fast. She told us that we could avoid wars through fasting and praying.  She said to put the Bible in a visible place in the house and to read it every day.  We didn't have the Bible in our families. We asked the priest to get us a Bible so that we could have it and read it.  We began to understand the grace that God was giving us more and more.  The grace that we have faith, that we are children of God, that we are baptized.  And the gift he was giving to us was for us and through us for many.  

"The messages that she had given to us on every Thursday she began to give us every month on the 25th for all those who had decided to go on the path of conversion.  We understood that our small parish, Medjugorje, was not a small parish anymore.  But in Our Lady's eyes, Medjugorje became the whole world!  And she invited us that we all become witnesses, that we all give witness, that we all give the love of God to everybody.  He created everybody in His image so that we would be close to him.  This is what we learned, and what we continue to learn with Our Lady." 

May we all receive that same joy, the joy of making Our Lady happy by our conversion and our holiness!  Mother, we want to make you happy!

In Jesus and Mary!
Cathy Nolan

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