Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mission in Scripture: 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time:

Mission in Scripture

October 17, 2010
29th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Exodus 17:8-132
Timothy 3:14-4:2
Luke 18:1-8

An endearing aspect of this weekend’s Gospel is that the little person prevails. Widows, along with orphans, were powerless in ancient Israel, which is why the Lord commands their protection through a variety of laws. The prophets railed against the kings and elders of the people when they failed to care for widows. The widow in the Gospel threatens nothing, but because of her persistence, the judge feels that he must respond.
Persistence in proclaiming the Gospel is a hallmark of any missionary effort. That persistence does not threaten or cajole, but simply tells the story of Jesus, whose great love saves us from sin and death. Christ’s love is also an example for his followers of how we are to live in the world today.

Suggested Missionary Action: Reflect on a way that God’s love was made evident to you through the constant effort of another.
Let me add this Note from our pastor Fr. Gilbert Medina:
What does the Gospel from St. Luke 18, tell us about justice and vindication in the Kingdom of God? The story today is very true. A defenseless widow is taken advantage of and refused her rights. She is persistent and wears down a judge who has brushed her off. In the outcome of the story we find that she is given due justice. The lesson we can learn today is that: persistence pays off, but especially for those who trust in God. All of us have heard the saying, the squeaky wheel gets the grease, well, taken from a spiritual perspective, God will come to vindicate His own - in His time.
What does that mean for me this weekend? In the coming week? Our human experience craves the presence of God. We are on a journey of faith and from time to time have petitioned God for a particular need or intention. It is easy to lose heart if we feel God isn't moving fast enough. The Gospel today teaches us about a persistent widow and how her faithfulness brought outstanding results.
Fr. Medina

Let me add a word too. The last words of todays Gospel have Jesus questioning: "But when the Son of man comes, will he find faith on earth?"
As we look around us and view the world's situation, we sometimes ask the same question. But the answer is not in the world but in the hearts of those who love God and their neighbor. Today the Holy Father canonized six Saints. They are now among the billions of holy people who have gone before us and are in the Kingdom of God, from Adam and Eve until the present day. And as Pope Benedict XVI has written: Jesus, Our Lord, is the Kingdom of God, and he dwells in our Hearts. So to answer Our Lord's question: "Yes, Lord! Look in our hearts and see Yourself dwelling there, with Your Eternal Father and the Holy Spirit, with Mary Our Mother at Your side."
We are a prayerful people and we will persevere until Christ does return to judge the world!
God bless us all+
Deacon John Giglio