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Tell My People

Jesus: My beloved companion, tell My people about the great importance of prayer. Prayer plays an indispensable role in the process of sanctification and ultimate salvation. Let My little ones come to Me daily in prayer. I especially want My people to pray before the tabernacle. When they do so, I give them special graces. The prayer of My people should be filled with love for Me, My Father, the Holy Spirit, and My Mother. Pressed against their Mother's heart, and under her guidance, let My people come to My Sacred Heart. Each day they should take up their refuge in My Heart, and there enter into the deepest prayer. They should put all worries and anxieties aside and pray from the heart. I take their prayer to the Father in the Holy Spirit. My people, I want you to pray, pray, pray! During prayer I make you especially aware of My great love for you. During prayer I ask for your return of love. During prayer I especially allow you to experience peace and joy. The crosses you bear are no obstacle to this. In fact, when you bear your crosses properly--that is, according to My Father's will--you experience increased peace and joy. My people, listen to My words. I am Lord and Master. I love you with the most tender love!"


Image by Getty Images via @daylife

Reflection: In the above message, Jesus reminds us of the great importance of prayer. Our greatest prayer is our participation in the Mass. Outside the time of Mass, Jesus tells us how important it is to pray before the tabernacle. The practice of prayer is extremely important for ongoing growth in our love relationship with Jesus, the Father, the Holy Spirit, and with Mary. It is also critical for our growth in love of neighbor.

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